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10 of the Coolest Hotels We’ve Stayed At

A collage of the differnent treehouses at Treehotel

Thanks to this website and our magazine, we’ve had the chance to travel far and beyond, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe, North Korea to South Africa. Along the way, we’ve also been fortunate enough to stay at many extraordinary and outstanding hotels. These aren’t your conventional five-star hotel chain or backpacker hostel — you’ll be surprised by how creative and unusual some hotel owners/designers can be. […]

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Interesting Tribes from Around the World

A Huli wigman with face painting

During our travels, we’ve had the fortune of meeting numerous interesting tribes who live in isolated, remote corners of the world and have truly preserved their cultures and traditions. For certain places like Papua New Guinea, the intriguing tribal culture was what drew us to visit. As always, I believe it’s the people who make […]

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The World’s Happiest Countries – Do You Agree?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Since we’re on the subject of happiness, I’d like to share this interesting list of the happiest countries around the world compiled by the World Happiness Report. Every year, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network conducts a 156-nation survey and rank the happiest countries around the globe based on aspects such as healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life […]

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8 Things You Might Not Know about Bhutan

Building a strong identity

Since opening its doors to tourism in the 1970s, Bhutan has quickly risen to become one of the most talked-about country  in the world. So how did a small, isolated country of just under 800,000 people landlocked between the superpowers of India and China suddenly get so much attention’? I came to Bhutan to search for […]

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Our Bucket List

With 2014  already upon us, we found ourselves drawing a mental list of places we want to visit in the new year. There’s Cuba – a country we’ve been wanting to visit but still haven’t had the chance to. There’s Brazil – again we missed Carnaval this year. Oh and Papua New Guinea… and the […]

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2013: Our Year in Photos

Sleeping in an igloo in Switzerland

It’s that time of the year again — a time to stop, look back and reflect. 2013 has been a year full of milestones, of opportunities and of personal achievements for me. I published my first book, kept WildJunket Magazine going, became an aunt and celebrated our fifth blogiversary. Most importantly, this year I finally […]

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5 Great Adventure Destinations for a Winter Escape

Paragliding in Cape Town

Winter’s quickly creeping up on us (in the northern hemisphere), and it’s about time to start planning where we’re off to this winter. Whether you’re planning to get active or simply enjoy the >winter sun, we’ve come up with a short list of great places to spend the end of the year. Cape Town, South Africa […]

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Top 7 Amazing Theaters Around the World

Milan: La Scala

Since centuries ago, theaters have been built, not just to showcase beautiful art but also to transport us to a different world. These days, modern theaters continue to impress revelers with their aesthetics and architectural marvels. Just as amazing as what is put into the performances are the theaters, whether they are classic or modern […]

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8 Secret Adventures Around the World

Lagos de Montebello. Chiapas (México)

With adventure travel becoming more and more mainstream, established trekking routes like the Inca Trail and active tourism destinations like Costa Rica and Iceland are no longer secrets anymore. More and more curious travelers are seeking out these areas, ultimately leaving us with less and less unexplored places. Thankfully even though the world has expanded through […]

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10 Unusual Adventure Activities

Scooter riding in Saigon

The true adventurer never stops looking for new and exciting ways to discover a country; even on a second or third visit it’s possible to take part in an activity not previously experienced. And while it takes a lot to beat a canoe safari in Botswana, white water rafting in Iceland or shark cage diving in […]

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10 Things We Hate About Traveling

Let’s get this straight: We love traveling more than anything in the world. Having been hooked to travel since more than a decade ago, we even gave up our career in engineering for a life on the road. It’s what brought us together, it’s a passion we both share, it’s something we just cannot imagine […]

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Off-the-Beaten-Path Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The most famous day of love is coming up again quickly, and whether you’re spending the first or the tenth Valentine’s Day with your companion, you might be seeking something beyond a candlelit dinner. For travelers, you might be seeking the thrill of discovering a magical place together or simply taking a short jaunt to […]

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Our Travel Wishlist for 2013

With 2013 already upon us, it’s time to start planning our travels for the upcoming year. 2012 was an extremely fulfilling year of travels for us as we covered seven continents in just one year and traveled to many places we’d long dreamt of visiting. It was a year that’s hard to beat in terms […]

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2012: Our Year in Photos


Just when we thought 2011 was the best year of our lives, 2012 came along and surprised us. This year has been one of tremendous changes: Alberto left his job at the beginning of the year to join WildJunket; we became semi-nomadic, spending most of our time on the road; and in January, we launched WildJunket Magazine together. […]

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7 Up-and-Coming Adventure Travel Destinations for 2013

Sugarloaf Mountain

Now that we’ve apparently survived the end of the world on 21 December, it’s time to start planning for some adventure in 2013. Last year our list of best adventure destinations for 2012 saw the rising stars of several offbeat destinations like Cuba and Azerbaijan. With plenty of exciting events happening around the world, 2013 […]

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