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WildJunket is an adventure travel blog created to inspire others to get off the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences. We see travel as a journey that enriches our lives and makes us better people – and we want to share that invaluable experience with you.

We (Nellie and Alberto) are a married couple passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food. We’ve been traveling around the world hand-in-hand since 2003, experiencing over 100 countries on seven continents together. Along the way, we’ve lived and worked in London, Madrid, Granada, Tanzania and Singapore. Through the years, we have also spent months backpacking through South America, volunteering in Tanzania and exploring Southeast Asia. Some of our most memorable adventures include expedition cruising in Antarctica, overlanding the Silk Road, climbing an active volcano in Iceland, skydiving in Spain, wildlife watching on the Galapagos Islands and paragliding in South Africa.

WildJunket was first created in 2008 to share our travel stories with friends and family. It has since grown tremendously, becoming one of the top travel websites in the world. Since its success, we’ve developed several projects together – one of which is the launch of WildJunket Magazine, a digital flipbook magazine that shares travel experiences and inspires readers on a deeper level.

About Nellie Huang – Adventure Travel Blogger

adventure travel blogger Nellie Huang

Nellie is a professional travel blogger and writer with an eye for adventure and a love for the unknown. Originally from Singapore, she pursued an Engineering degree and spent her days dreaming of travel. The day after graduation, she packed her bags and headed off to experience the world.

She then spent the next few years working as a teacher, translator and project analyst. With sheer will and hard work, she eventually found her way into travel writing and fulfilled her lifetime dream.

Her work has since been published in numerous publications including National Geographic Intelligent Travel, CNN, BBC Travel, Travel+Leisure Asia, Wend, Women Adventure Magazine, Food&Travel, International Lifestyle, TNT Magazine, and Explorer, amongst others. Click to see her portfolio.

She is also a contributing guidebook author of VIVA Travel Guide Guatemala (1st Edition) and writer for World Travel Guides.

Interesting Facts about her:

  • She speaks four languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.
  • Her favorite places in the world are some of the best wildlife-watching spots, such as the Galapagos and Madagascar.
  • Mojitos make her go weak in the knees, so do rum punch, margaritas, mai tai….
  • As an adventurous eater, she’s had some of the world’s most bizarre foods, including deep-fried grasshoppers, sheep’s brains, bat soup and fermented duck embryo.

Skydiving in Spain adventure travel blogger

About Alberto Molero

alberto molero adventure travel bloggerAlberto is a Spanish computer engineer with a master’s degree in Digital Media and a passion for travel photography.  After spending a few years working as a software developer, Alberto decided that he needed a change. He wanted a role that would allow him to explore his creativity and lead a life on the road. WildJunket Magazine is the first of many projects that pushed him to leave his day job and join Nellie in her nomadic lifestyle.

Having been WildJunket‘s official photographer and web designer from the start, Alberto is no stranger to travel writing and social media. His photos have been published in numerous magazines alongside Nellie’s articles, including Wend, Food&Travel, Today Mediacorp and International Business Times. Alberto is also WildJunket Magazine‘s creative director.

Interesting Facts about him:

  • He’s a technology geek and loves his gadgets more than anything.
  • His favorite places in the world are Australia and Japan.
  • He constantly dreams of living on the beach and surfing everyday.
  • He dislikes spicy food but adores barbecued ribs and makes a mean tortilla de patatas.

Our Story

It was a study abroad program in Miami in 2003 that changed our lives. We met in university, fell in love, and never looked back. Travel became a big part of us as we kept our relationship going despite the long distance and visited each other frequently (in Spain and Singapore respectively). After a year of being apart, we both graduated from Engineering school with an urge to pack our bags and leave.

In 2005 we moved to London to find work and during those days we explored the city like curious vultures and took vacations just like you did. We started off with weekend jaunts to France, beach vacations in Greece, and cultural immersions in Morocco. But we wanted to go deeper and further. Within a year and a half, we saved money and left our jobs to spend a few months volunteering in Tanzania with hopes of making a difference to the world. The volunteering stint gave us some of the most memorable times of our lives and taught us plenty of life lessons. Most importantly, the experience left us with a serious case of wanderlust.

Adventure Travel Blogger Volunteering in Tanzania

Making Adventure Travel Blogging a Way of Life

Adventure eventually became the theme that linked our travels. We found ourselves connecting with the great outdoors. We are always happier surrounded by wide open spaces — whether in the mountains, desert, or sea. In the intervening years, we set off on extended trips (which often involved leaving our jobs to travel) around the world. Backpacking Latin America from Argentina to Mexico, spending a few months in Southeast Asia, and overlanding from Egypt to Jordan.

But something was still missing. The tipping point came when we found ourselves planning our next trip the day we returned home. We knew there and then that wanted to build a life around travel. We wanted to lead an extraordinary life and adventure travel blogging was our outlet to do so.

adventure travel blogger wild junket

In 2008, we started this adventure travel blog not just to share our travel stories but also to achieve our goal. We worked hard to build this blog into a popular travel resource, and eventually we succeeded in making a living from this it. I spent every minute of my free time learning the fundamentals of writing and online marketing tools. Alberto studied the technical side of web management and photography. Within a year, our blog became one of the most popular travel sites on the internet and we had started making a living out of freelance work with magazines and newspapers around the world.

In 2011, we decided to take it a step further by launching a digital iPad magazine, WildJunket Magazine. It is an extension of this website and aims to cover travel destinations in even more details and with more striking photography. We want to inspire even more readers to get out of their comfort zone and explore remote and unusual corners of the world.

Adventure Travel Blogger Jumping in Australia's Northern Territory

Living and Working in Travel

Thanks to this website and our magazine, we continue to travel to places far and beyond including certain destinations that we would never imagine being able to go without the help of our sponsors. Travel writing has brought to incredible places like the ArcticAntarcticaSouth AfricaNorth KoreaMadagascar and the Galapagos.

We are proud members of the iAmbassador program, a selected media group of top tier bloggers and online influencers. As media professionals, we are also part of the International Travel Writers Alliance and Professional Travel Bloggers Association. I also work closely with Canada’s small-group adventure tour operator, G Adventures, as one of their Wanderers in Residence and I travel with them a few times each year to share the experience with our readers.

It’s been eight years since we started this travel blog. We have successfully achieved our goal now and we’re fortunate enough to live a travel lifestyle with a cosy home base in Spain. We work more hours now than we have ever done in our past lives. It wasn’t easy to get where we are today, but we’re extremely thankful for this fulfilling life. Here’s to more decades of traveling ahead of us!

adventure travel blogger in Antarctica

Where We’ve Been

Since starting our travels in 2003, we have been to over 110 countries and 500 cities spanning across all 7 continents. To read our stories from different parts of the world, click on the flags in the map below:

adventure travel blogger map

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