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“Are you ready?” David, my skydive master from Gold Coast Skydive, shouts from behind me amidst the strong winds and the roaring engine.

I’m sitting at the ledge of the plane’s opened door, about to jump from 12,000 feet above the ground. Looking down at the earth far beneath my feet, my head spins deliriously and my heart races faster than before. Seconds later, the strong wind slaps me back into reality. David signals to me a thumbs-up — it’s time to jump. Oh shit.

I’ve done this before. I remember how much I loved my first skydive, why the hell am I still freaking out?

skydiving gold coast australia

Skydiving Gold Coast Australia

Within seconds, we are air-borne, surfing on a powerful upward force of wind. For 60 seconds, we plummet through the sky at almost 100 miles per hour, heading straight for Earth at a speed so fast it’s hard to fathom. The rush from the free-fall sweeps through me like an electric current and my mind is on overdrive. I feel an adrenaline high, a sensation that I’m addicted to.

Suddenly, I feel a jolt that pulls me up into the air. David has pulled the cord, releasing a parachute that sends us gliding smoothly through the air. We break through the clouds and the beautiful Gold Coast now sprawls beneath our feet. My eyes are now wide open; I try to soak in the view and remember just how stunning the Gold Coast looks from above: huge lapping waves, wide sandy beaches and the different shades of blue in the Pacific Ocean.

Skydiving is a different experience each time you do it, but one thing never changes: it definitely makes you feel alive.

skydiving gold coast australia

I look surprisingly calm in the plane

skydiving gold coast australia

Sitting on the ledge of the plane

Skydiving gold coast australia


skydiving gold coast australia

Yehaaaaa I’m flying!

skydiving gold coast australia

Awesome sauce

skydiving gold coast australia

Breaking through the clouds

Steering the parachute

I get to steer the parachute?! YES!!

Preparing to land

Gliding above Coolangatta

Beach landing

Preparing to land


A perfect beach landing

How Being a Travel Blogger Changed My Life

This kicked ass!

 Special thanks to the best skydiving master ever!

Additional Information:

A tandem skydive with Gold Coast Skydive costs AU$345 per person. If you’d like DVD and photos included, the total price is AU$510. Skydiving tandem means that you will jump with an instructor who will be attached to you throughout the jump.

The Gold Coast Skydive office is located just two minutes away from the Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta. You will land on Kirra Beach, right in front of the office.

Disclosure: This experience was made possible by Queensland Tourism and Gold Coast Skydive, but all opinions as always remain my own.