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Looking for some travel gifts ideas? Here are 60 gifts for travelers of all ages and interests.

As a full-time travel blogger with over 10 years of experience on the road, I’m an expert when it comes to the best travel gear, travel-themed decor and travel gadgets. I’ve compiled this list of Best Travel Gifts 2022 specifically to include the latest in innovation and design.

This year, it’s particularly important to spoil the traveler in your life with an amazing gift, to remind him/her that we will all travel again.  These travel gift ideas have been divided into various categories. Skip to each category by clicking below.

gifts for travel lovers - gift ideas for travelers

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Best Gifts for Travelers 2021

Best Travel Gifts under $25

1. Wanderchain and Tokens

wanderchain and token - gifts for travel lovers


One of the most affordable yet memorable gifts for travel lovers is the Wanderchain from the Wander Club. Collect engraved travel tokens for every country, national park, state, and landmark that your loved one has visited and add it to a handcrafted token holder. What’s also great about The Wander Club is that they provide a meal to a child in need for every order placed. Get a 20% discount with my unique code: JUNKET20

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2. World Map Print Face Mask

world map face mask

This year, the face mask has become a necessity for everyone. But why not turn it into an accessorizing item? Get a world map face mask for the traveler in your life, and I’m sure that would cheer him/her up! I wear this world map mask on a daily basis, everywhere I go. The mask is made of high-quality fabric that is breathable, and it comes with a replaceable 5-layer carbon filter. 

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3. Leather Vintage Map Passport Holder

passport holder - best gifts for travelers

An affordable yet stylish gift for travelers, this vintage map passport holder is perfect for any traveler. The passport holder is made from premium high quality eco-friendly leather, and will last any traveler a lifetime. The sturdy interior features a sleeve for your passport and two pockets to store your cards in. 

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4. MOSISO Laptop Case & Keyboard Cover

best travel gifts - laptop case

A perfect gift for any traveler in your life, this hard shell laptop case is extremely practical for protecting laptops when traveling. I have one of these and absolutely love it! It’s fully vented for safe heat disbursement, and gives full access to all buttons and features. Totally removable, easy to put on and take off. Compatible with 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release MacBook Pro 13 inch.

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5. World Map Luggage Protectorbest travel gifts for 2019 - luggage protector

This spandex cover helps to protect your luggage, just like a backpack cover would. It’s stretchable and double-stitched and it fits easily in seconds. The protector is also washable and durable. It also helps to ensure your suitcase stays shut the whole trip. Anti-theft, anti-scratch and waterproof! Plus, who can resist a world map print?

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6. Scratch Off World Map Poster

best gifts for travelers - scratch off map

This is definitely one of the best gifts for travel lovers, regardless of how old or experienced the traveler is! I have a scratch map myself and it’s great fun to come home from a trip and scratch off a new country each time. This scratch off map is a perfect framable size, at 24×36 inch, the largest scratch off map available on Amazon! .

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7. Collapsible Water Bottle

best gift for travelers - collapsible water bottle

The awesome collapsible water bottle is designed for travel and the outdoors. I use it on most of my trips these days and really love how small and convenient it is to carry around. It’s made of food-grade silicone, making it safe for both cold and hot beverages. It collapses into half its size and is leakproof and shockproof. It’s the best gift for travelers who like the outdoors!

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8. Packable Daypack

packable daypack - budget gifts for travelers

An excellent travel gear, this packable daypack is possibly the most useful and practical item on this list of travel gift ideas. Designed with 20L travel capacity, this small backpack can easily fold into a small pocket (the size of a sandwich). It has one main zipped compartment, one front pocket and two side pockets keep your things organized and separated. You can easily pack it into your suitcase for use at the destination.

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Best Travel Gifts for Her

9.The Journey Bracelet

gift ideas for travelers - gifts for travelers - journey bracelet

Does she love the ocean, turtles, or animals in general? Get her a journey bracelet, which comes with a real sea turtle to track. She’ll get to learn the sea turtle’s name, size, and get their picture. She can even follow their incredible journey on an interactive tracking map. Besides, a portion of all proceeds are donated to Sea Turtle Conservancy, who help raise awareness and provide protection for sea turtles around the world! You can also get bracelets that track elephants, polar bears, and sharks.

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10. World Map Necklace

unique travel gifts - world map necklace

This world map necklace is on my wish list — in case you’re thinking of buying me a present someday *hint hint*. It’s definitely one of the best travel gifts you can get for your lady. It’s available in silver, gold and copper. The chain is 16 inches long plus an extendable 2 inches.

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11. Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocketbest travel gifts - infinity scarf with secret pocket

For ladies who love scarves, this infinity scarf is the latest invention that works miracles! It’s practical, stylish and functional for travelers. I bought this travel gift for one of my best friends and she uses it everywhere. The hidden zipper pocket can fit a smartphone, passport, money, cash, coin purse, keys, or wallet. Because the scarf is pretty lightweight, it’s good for all kinds of weather. 

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12. Japanese Snack Box Subscription

japanese snack box - gift ideas for travelers

Bring a taste of Japan right into her home by getting her this snack box subscription. With each subscription, Sakura co will send your loved one 20 authentic Japanese food, sweets, and snacks each month. Expect sachets of matcha green tea, little packs of mochi, taiyaki cakes, and Japanese home goods like chopsticks.

It also comes with a brochure that explains what’s every single item in the box. Prices are affordable (starting from $30/month) and they ship worldwide. 

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13. Neoprene Tote Bag

neoprene bag for ladies - travel gift ideas

This Artovida lunch bag features a vibrant world map print (there are other designs that feature the works of artists around the world). Made of lead-free and PVC-free materials, this tote bag is stain-resistant and machine-washable. You can use it to keep food fresh or for your personal items. It’s great for travel as you can roll it and fit inside your suitcase/backpack.

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The ONA Camera bag is both stylish and functional. I’ve never had one but quite a few of my friends who have used it rave about it. It’s particularly suitable for female travelers who travel with an SLR and still want to look good. It also has other compartments for things like your iPad, wallet and keys. 

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Best Travel Gifts for Him

15. Aussie Leather Hat

gift ideas for travel - australian hat

Want a leather Aussie hat just like mine for the traveler in your life? I got mine in a physical shop in Melbourne, Australia, but this is the closest thing I can find online. This Henschel Aussie hat is made of full grain leather and has the same details as mine. I’ve worn it for years, and have carried it with me everywhere: from the Red Centre of Australia to climbing a volcano in Guatemala and chasing wildlife in the Galapagos.  This is definitely one of my favorite gift ideas for travel.

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16. Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Dry Bag 

gift ideas for travel - dry bag
If you’re looking for a gift for a world traveler, then a dry bag would definitely be of use when he goes to an island or beach. I’ve used my dry bag when scuba diving, kayaking, going to the beach and cruising. The Ultra Dry brand is the best brand of dry bag, as they use top quality material. This one even comes with a waterproof phone case.

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17. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

gifts for travelers - eagle creek packing cubes

Forget those vacuum ziplock bags! Ever since I got this Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube Set, I NEVER travel anywhere without them. Whether I’m on a month-long epic adventure in the Himalayas, or weekend trip to a nearby city, I always pack my gear with these organizing cubes. They help me keep my stuff in the backpack/suitcase organized and also make them more compact. One of the best gifts for travel lovers!

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18. Sportneer Portable Camping Hammock

best travel gifts - camping hammock

This portable camping hammock is one of the best travel gifts for camping and outdoor junkies. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around in a backpack and set up in the forest for a comfy night’s sleep. It’s strong and designed to hold up to 400 lbs. You can string it up in the woods or on the beach to relax and enjoy the view. 

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19. Multi-functional Camping Flask

unique travel gifts - multi flask

Part flashlight, part booze container, this unique multifunctional tool is one of the best travel accessories for camping enthusiasts and festival goers. In addition to holding 10 ounces of your favorite beverage, the VSSL Flask includes 2 collapsible stainless steel shot cups, a bottle opener, a compass, and a powerful LED flood beam flashlight. 

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20. Solar Panel Charger

gifts for travelers - solar panel charger

Solar panel chargers are another new invention that’s now popular among active and outdoor travelers. The solar panel charger lets the sun charge all your devices while you’re camping, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors. Just hook it and mount it on the top of your backpack. The iBose solar battery charger includes four solar panels and a huge 10.000mAh battery that will recharge anything from your iPhone or Android to GPS tracker. 

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21. Wallet Ninja Multi-tool

unique travel gifts - multi tool

Multi-tools are popular gifts for guys, but airport security has made it difficult for us to travel with them. Enter Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 multi-tool. The credit card-sized, flat multi-tool fits inside a wallet and meets all of the requirements outlined by TSA to be allowed on-board. What makes these unique travel gifts so perfect is that they are also incredibly handy and cheap (around $10)!

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22. Nomadik Outdoor Gear Subscription Box

nomadik subscription box - best gifts for travelers

A Nomadik subscription box would make a perfect gift for travelers who love the outdoors. The monthly themed boxes are packed with the latest gear from the best brands, as well as an outdoor challenge to match. The gear included in these boxes range from camping mug to hammocks, headlamps and meal plans. You can choose from product bundles to a monthly subscription or a premium quarterly subscription, a monthly subscription. I’ve tried and tested Nomadik’s gear and can highly recommend them! 

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Best Travel Gifts for Kids

23. Trunki Luggage

best travel gifts for kids - trunkiWe bought the Trunki luggage for our daughter when she was only 1 and she still uses it now at 5 years old. It’s a great gift for kids who travel. Kids can ride on it, holding onto the “horns”, making it convenient to carry them around. It’s also very functional as almost everything we bring for Kaleya fits in there, whether we’re on a 2-week African Safari trip or a short weekend trip in Europe. 

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24. Kids World Map Wall Decal

best travel gifts - kids world map
My daughter loves the world map as much as I do! We have this world-map decal on her wall that she loves looking at. This is one of the best travel gifts for kids — whether they are toddlers or teens. It’s a great way to teach them world geography and let their imagination run free. This world map decal is easy to install (just peel and stick) and includes a dry erase marker.

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25. World Map Backpack

best travel gifts for kids - world map backpack

You probably know I’m obsessed with the world map, and I can’t resist anything made with the world map print. Colorful and ridiculously adorable, this toddler world map backpack makes a great travel gift for toddlers. My daughter carries this bag to school everyday. It’s the perfect size for her lunch box, water bottle and school supplies. A backpack is probably one of the best travel gift ideas for kids, as it’s super practical.

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26. A 3D Globe Puzzle

travel gifts for kids - 3d globe puzzle

A fun and engaging gift for travelers under 10! This 3D globe puzzle will definitely challenge them and promote their motor skills and spacial awareness. It is an actual globe, with 6 puzzle pieces representing Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and North and South America, while a stationary bottom piece represents Antarctica. Each continent piece is chunky and easy for little hands to grasp. 

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27. Kids’ Binoculars

best gifts for travel - kids binoculars

These are some of the best gift ideas for travel! Kaleya received this pair of kids’ binoculars as a gift, and she adores them. She’s used them on our African safari as well as trips to Costa Rica and Panama. At home, she also likes using them to pretend play. This pair of binoculars is durable and can withstand drops and falls. It has a green coated optics system to create clear images. 
32 Travel Gifts for Kids of All Ages

28. Kids Digital Camera

gift ideas for travel - kids digital camera

Kaleya’s favorite Christmas present ever! This new kids digital camera is not just a photo-taking machine, it’s also a video recorder and game console. With a safe and portable design, this kids digital camera is another one of those popular gifts for kids who travel. PROGRACE camera has the best reviews and lowest price (and it’s a bestseller on Amazon!).

The camera takes quality 5M pictures and 1080P videos. It also has burst shooting and time lapse features. Plus it has 5 puzzle games that help to cultivate kids’ active thinking. The camera has a built-in rechargeable battery that’s charged easily with a USB.

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29. Travel Activity Kit

gifts for travel lovers - activity kit

For kids aged 4-10, this is the best gift for travelers who are out and about! The travel activity kit acts like a laptop style desk, with lots of writing and craft accessories that will keep them entertained for hours. We try our best not to give Kaleya the tablet when we’re flying or driving, so this works as a really good alternative. Inside the carrying case are 8 washable markers, crayons, pencils, a creative pad with doodle and construction papers, glue, eraser and a pair of scissors. 

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30. Passport Sticker Books

cool travel gifts - passport sticker book

My daughter is obsessed with passports. Every time we travel, she wants to play with her passport and look at her stamps (perhaps she got that from me!). That’s why when I saw this online, I was super excited cos I know she would absolutely love it and I was right! This collection of 12 passport sticker books is great fun for little travelers who like stickers and scrapbooks. 

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31. Beginner’s World Atlas

travel gift ideas - world atlas

I’m a big fan of books from National Geographic Kids and Lonely Planet Kids. They’re very educational, fun and playful, and make excellent kids travel gifts. I bought this book last year for Kaleya and it was a great introduction to the world for her. It’s jam packed with bright, bold images, large maps, and lively information about the world’s land, people, and animals. The Beginner’s World Atlas is suitable for kids ages 5–8. 

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32. Explorers Storybook

A little self promotion here: one of the best travel gifts this season is my new book Explorers! Explorers focuses on 50 of the world’s greatest explorers, and their towering achievements. The book is filled with first-person accounts in the explorers’ own words and beautiful illustrations that re-create history’s greatest expeditions.

There are also incredible cross-sections revealing the amazing detail inside Spanish galleons, lost cities, and spaceships. Hand-drawn maps reveal their intrepid journeys in great detail, and photographs highlight the artifacts and relics they found along the way. I might be biased, but I honestly think it’s one of the best travel books you can get for little explorers. 

gifts for travel lovers - explorers book

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Travel Gift Ideas for Home Decor

33. 3D Wooden World Map

3d wooden map - best gift ideas for travel

This is THE ultimate home decor must-have for every traveler! I just got this 3D wooden world map as a birthday gift from Alberto, and I am obsessed with it. The map is handmade with birch plywood, available in 4 different colors. Ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats and compass are included to the package. You can also add on push pins in the form of silver airplanes or colorful flags.

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34. World Map Throw Blanket

I LOVE our soft fleece world-map throw blanket, especially in winter! It’s so soft and comfy (made of 100% polyester) and it’s big (50×60 inches) and perfect for cold nights. The blanket is printed with premium inks, so the water color pattern in still fully in tact after years of use. We usually use it as a sofa throw and a lap blanket. Great travel gift for travel addicts!!!

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35.  Handmade Travel Prints

These handmade rose gold travel prints are some of my favorite items in my home. They are beautifully designed, handmade with love and absolutely inspiring. I love the rose gold color which is really unique. The prints are printed with high quality ink and on premium paper. The frames are not included, but you can easily find matching frames on Amazon.

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36. Travel Art Desk Stand

The Eccolo Travel Quote Stand is the best travel gift for a colleague or someone you know from work. It includes 12 gold stamped cards with inspiring travel quotes. The cards are thick and high quality, each card has beautifully designed full-color graphics and is gold-foil stamped. The stand is shipped in nicely designed gift box with window display and gold embossing. 

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37. Travel-Themed Throw Pillow Cases

best travel gifts - travel pillow cases

This set of four decorative pillow cases is another excellent addition to a traveler’s home. We use them for the throw pillows on our sofa and they never fail to get compliments from people who come to visit. I personally love the color combination and the boho-chic design. These cases are fitted for 18″x18″ pillows and have hidden zips. 

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39. Travel-Themed Shower Curtain

world map shower curtain - great gift for traveler

I know, who gives shower curtains as presents? Someone with a sense of humor! This travel-themed shower curtains makes a cute addition in anyone’s home. It’s also a great reminder to save up for the next big adventure. Sure to put a smile on someone’s face!

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Best Gifts for Travel Tech Lovers

40. Portable WiFi Hotspot & Power Bank

gifts for travelers - wifi hotspot

With Skyroam Solis, you don’t have to worry about foreign SIM cards or roaming charges when traveling the world. One of the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots on the market, this ingenious connectivity gadget offers unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries around the globe. A day pass is $9 and gives you unlimited internet access for 24 hours. This is truly one of the best gifts for travelers who travel frequently.

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41. New Kindle Oasis e-Readerbest travel gifts - kindle oasis

The Kindle is so light and you can store hundreds of books in there — check out my list of 50 best travel books (all of which are available in ebook form). This new Kindle Oasis e-reader is even better: it is waterproof, and has a large, high resolution display so it feels like you’re reading real paper without the glare. A single charge lasts weeks, not hours. Gone are the days of lugging big heavy books on trips! For book lovers, this is definitely the best gift for travel.

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42. Apple Airpods: Wireless Earphones

best travel gifts - apple airpods

The Apple AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones. Whenever the AirPods are pulled out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Audio automatically plays as soon as you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them out. Need a quick charge? Just 15 minutes in the case gives you 3 hours of listening time. It’s honestly a miracle!

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gifts for travel lovers - cowin headphones
My husband bought these noise-canceling headphones at the beginning of the year and he’s used it everyday at work, on his bike when riding home, and on the plane when we’re traveling. He swears by them and highly recommends it to anyone looking for quality noise cancelling headphones. The swiveling earcups are also incredibly comfortable and lightweight, perfect as a gift for travelers who love music.

44. Mini LED Projectorbest travel gifts - projector

Can you imagine traveling with a mini projector? How cool is that! This mini portable projector is super lightweight (only 0.28kg) and easy to carry everywhere you go. It can be connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone, hard drive, Chromecast, tablet and laptop via USB. It’s easily charged by a power bank and fits into your pocket. It’s great for enjoying films or playing games on your phone while traveling.

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45. Prynt Pocket: Instant Printer for iPhonegifts for travel lovers - prynt pocket

I cannot wait to get my hands on this! Another neat and innovative new product, this Prynt Pocket is the best travel gift for the tech geeks who love to take photos on their iPhone. It prints photos from your phone in just 30 seconds. The new Prynt case is half of the size of the original version, with an easy-to-remove paper cartridge. No ink necessary — photos are printed directly onto ZINK (zero ink) Sticker Paper. Peel off the adhesive backing to turn any photo into a sticker! 

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46. Phone Camera Lens Kitbest travel gifts - phone camera lens

These phone camera lens aren’t anything new — but they’ve come a long way since I started using them years ago. Now they’re cheaper, better quality and come with a sturdy, protective casing. This kit comes with 9 camera lens: a 2x zoom telephoto lens, a 198° fisheye lens, a 15X macro lens, a 20X marco lens, a 0.63X wide angle lens, a 0.36X Super Wide lens, a Circular polarized lens (CPL lens), a starburst lens and a Kaleidoscope lens. The lenses are easy to use and carry, just screw the phone lens kit onto the clip and clip to your phone. 

47. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

tile mate - best gifts for travelers

This is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker. It’s basically a key finder, a phone finder, anything finder. Tile Mate easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast. You can easily hook it to your suitcase if you wanna find it fast if it ever gets lost. Can’t find your phone? Simply double press the button on your Tile Mate to make your phone ring -even on sile