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From Nomad to mother

From Nomad to Mother

Six months ago, my life was very different as what it is today.

I was a full-time traveler, hitting the road at least once a month, to places far and wide — from Papua New Guinea and Antarctica to Iran and Mongolia. Last year alone, I went to 16 countries on four different continents. I hopped from one plane to the next every other week, and was always meeting new people and having exciting, unusual experiences. That was how I led my life for the past eight years, ever since I started this blog and carved a career in travel writing.

Having a baby has completely changed my life. Now I spend most of my time caring for her and playing with her instead of rushing around airports and globetrotting from one corner of the Earth to another. It took me some time to get used to this new life, but I can’t be more thankful.

These past three months since I became a mother have been fun, exciting, challenging, and emotional all at once. Undoubtedly, motherhood has been the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on.

Motherhood: An Emotional Roller-coaster Ride

My pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise to us.

Truth be told, I was excited about having a little traveler in our lives, but I was also worried that it would hold me back, from traveling, from doing what I love, from being myself. And for a while, it sure felt that way.

I was a wreck after giving birth — taking care of a newborn and getting adjusted to this life was extremely difficult and overwhelming. My hormones affected me and I completely let them take over my my mental wellbeing. Not being able to travel also made me feel like a trapped bird, imprisoned within my own imaginary cell. My spirit was down, and I felt like a lousy mother who couldn’t take care of myself not to mention my baby.

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Baby Kaleya

Thankfully, Alberto tolerated with my crazy emotions and provided the support I needed. He took on the role of both father and mother, caring for our baby around the clock, while I worked on getting better.

As weeks passed, I began to learn that this baby is my responsibility and that she needs me now more than anything else. Nothing else in life should matter, for the time-being. I still itch to travel — and I know I will eventually — but she is my priority in life now.

As I now sit writing this with my baby cradled in my arms, I know she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Baby Kaleya has brought so much joy into our lives and made me learn so much about life itself. She is my world and I love her more than anything.

What I’ve Learned from Motherhood

At 32, I thought I was mature and sensible. But only after becoming a mother did I realize I still had so much to learn in life. I never knew what it was like to give. I was someone who put myself first, and I just took and took and took from everyone who loved me.

Now that Baby Kaleya has become a part of our lives, I’ve learned to give more and love deeper. They say “you don’t know what love is until you have kids”, and I used to be skeptical, but now I can’t agree more.

Having a baby is a huge responsibility and it has definitely forced me to grow up and put her before myself. I’ve discovered parts of myself I never knew existed, and most importantly, I feel l that I’ve become a better person.

Being a mother is indeed the toughest job in the world, but it’s also the most fulfilling and rewarding.

Traveling with Baby Kaleya

Living My Life and Continuing My Travels

While motherhood has changed me in so many ways, I’m still me.

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For one, I haven’t forgotten about travel. We’ve already brought Kaleya on four road trips around Spain, up to Costa Blanca in the east and down to Tarifa, the southernmost point of continental Europe. She loves being in the car, she sleeps and eats better than usual, and she can’t seem to stop smiling when we’re on the road. Kaleya is indeed a born traveler and I’m sure she’ll conquer the world very soon.

I also intend to travel on my own, the way I used to, whether for work or play.  In fact, I’ve got several trips planned for the rest of the year: Singapore and Maldives in August, Greenland in September, Cuba in October, and Eastern Europe in November.

I know being away from Kaleya is going to be tough, but I need to be myself and lead my own life. Thankfully, I have a husband who completely understands and supports me. Kaleya is very lucky to have a father like him.

Motherhood has been the most difficult and yet eye-opening journey I’ve ever taken. Nothing else I’ve done compares to this — and it’s just going to get harder, but I can’t wait to see what the future with Kaleya holds.