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As you can tell from this blog, we love taking photos when we travel. We’ve shot photos from all over the world – from Antarctica to Zimbabwe – but we’re embarrassed to admit that there are barely any decent photos of us together.

Since Baby Kaleya came into our lives, it’s become even more important to us that we have some portrait shots of us on the road. And that’s why I was really excited to learn about Flytographer through a friend. We recently used their service while on vacation with my whole family in Lake Tahoe — the results were amazing and we couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

Flytographer Review: How to Get the Best Travel Photos

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is a service that connects you to over 300 local, professional photographers in over 170 cities  around the world to take photojournalistic-style vacation photos of you and your companions.

They’re built on the concept that “memories are the best souvenir.” They like to connect people with an interesting local who is passionate about their city. People connecting with people. Given all the challenges in the world today, having authentic connections with people from different cultures all around the globe is more rewarding and important than ever.

The photographers who work with Flytographer have been carefully selected, so you’re sure to have top quality images.

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The Story Behind Flytographer

Flytographer was founded by Nicole Smith, a former Microsoft Marketing Manager and consultant-turned-entrepreneur with a lifelong appetite for travel. Nicole’s idea for Flytographer came after a trip to Paris to reunite with her best friend, Erika.

Disappointed with awkward selfies and the blurry photos strangers had snapped, the duo asked a local friend to take some candid shots of them enjoying the city together. After 20 minutes of this, Nicole looked at the images on her iPhone and realized she had the best souvenir possible: priceless memories with her BFF in Paris.

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Upon returning home, Nicole identified a gap in the market for vacation photography. Inspired by the photographs from her own trip and recognizing the trend of travellers seeking authentic local experiences, Nicole launched Flytographer in March 2013.

Since then, she’s expanded the company from one full-time employee to a team of seven. They even appeared on Canada’s Dragons’ Den (American friends: it’s like Shark Tank). They’ve also had lots of press buzz: Conde Nast called them the “The Future of Travel Photography” and Forbes also called them the “#1 Gift for Travelers”.

How It Works

First, head on to and browse the destinations that Flytographer operates. Under each destination, you’ll find a list of photographers and their galleries. Once you’ve found the photographer(s) you prefer, book your shoot, then a “Shoot Concierge” will be assigned to you.

The Shoot Concierge will then confirm with you (via email) your shoot route, ideal times and photographer availability. Our photographer gave us some suggestions on the best shooting spots and let us decide which one we preferred. Once that is decided and everything is finalized, the Concierge will send you a “Shoot Scoop” with all the details. When you arrive to your shoot, you’ll meet your photographer 10 minutes before the shooting starts to connect in person, and review your shoot goals.

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Our Experience with Flytographer

We were really happy to have chosen Lauren for the shoot – she was very friendly and laidback, and most importantly, she made my whole family relax in front of the camera (which can be a huge challenge since they’re not exactly comfortable with getting their photos taken!). She was efficient and professional, and she did a great job in capturing the essence of our family.

Getting photos of all eight of us (including two kids) in just one hour is a challenge for even the most experienced photographer, but Lauren made it look easy. In the short hour that we spent with her, we also got to know her a little bit and she gave us some great tips on where to get the best views and the best bites in Lake Tahoe.

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The shooting route was beautiful too – we decided on Valhalla Historic Estate – and she captured some stunning shots of us walking through the estate amidst the tall Sequoia trees and playing with snow on the beach.

My family absolutely loved the photos — so much so that we’re going to print out the shots on canvas and hang them at home! Here’s a look at more photos from Flytographer:

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Dominic running

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Playing with snow

Booking Details

Photos are delivered in 5 days (which is real fast if you ask me!), but in the meantime, Flytographer will send you sneak peeks in the form of postcards like the one pictured above.

Prices start at $250 USD. Use the code #FLYFAN and this link to book to save $25.  You’ll also help me to earn a $25 USD credit (‘FlyBucks’) towards a future shoot.

Have a great time capturing your travel memories!

Disclaimer: This photo session was provided complimentary by Flytographer, but as usual, all opinions expressed above are my own.