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Summer in Greenland: Cruising Nuuk Fjords

summer in greenland

Wonder how summer in Greenland is like? Follow my journey as I cruise into Nuuk’s fjords to see icebergs, go fishing, hiking and much more… In Greenland, you don’t have to go far to experience the wilderness. Even from the capital city of Nuuk, pristine nature is just a short hike or boat trip away. […]

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10 Cool Things to Do in Nuuk, Greenland

Take a peek into Greenland’s culture and history and check out these things to do in Nuuk, Greenland. Perched on the western coast of Greenland, the capital city  Nuuk may seem like a cute tiny town to the unknowing visitor, but it’s the palpitating heart of the world’s largest island. The city is dotted with […]

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Colorful Nuuk, Greenland

photos nuuk greenland

A photo essay of Nuuk, the colorful capital city of Greenland. Picturesque and quaint, Nuuk is probably the cutest capital city I’ve been. Scandinavian high-roofed houses can be found in every color you can imagine: from indigo blue to electric pink, lime green to dark burgundy. While the buildings were initially color-coded as a form […]

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Antarctica vs Arctic: How to Choose and Plan Your Polar Cruise

“And I tell you, if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression, go out and explore.” So said Apsley Cherry-Garrard, who accompanied Captain Scott on his doomed expedition to Antarctica and famously documented their experiences in his memoir The Worst Journey in the World. Thankfully, discovering the polar […]

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Arctic Encounters: Ice World

Crackling glaciers, roaming reindeers and polar bears – the Arctic might be at the edge of the world, but it sure is bursting with life. By Nellie Huang | Originally published in WildJunket Magazine February/March 2012. olar bear on starboard!” I’d been so transfixed by the dazzling white ice field that I hadn’t noticed a […]

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The Polar Dip: Swimming in the Arctic Waters

// “Run!” My expedition leader shouts. There’s no turning back. Despite the heavy snow, I’ve peeled off my parka, fleece, gore-tex, hat, socks and boots. Within seconds, my feet is numb and my hair is standing. In nothing more than my bikini, I race my fellow expedition mates towards the freezing waters. In the icy […]

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Video: Playing with Walruses in the Arctic

// “Roaw roaw..” Our expedition guide Frank Todd called. The resident biologist who’d spent decades working with marine mammals, obviously had some tricks up his sleeves. It wasn’t long before an inquisitive group of over 25 walruses swam up to him, snotting and whistling as they waddled their way onshore. One of them came so […]

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Landscapes of the Arctic: Glaciers, Ice Fields and Pointed Peaks

// There’s something haunting about the Arctic landscapes: aqua blue icebergs floating on crystal water, massive glaciers crackling in the background towered by snow mountains. Few places boast such striking physical appeal and raw wilderness as the polar regions. Since returning from the Arctic, I’ve found it hard to get the images of sparkling glaciers […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Nordaustlandet, the Arctic

A walrus and its calf lounging on a floating ice sheet near Nordaustlandet in the Arctic.

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Video: An Intimate Polar Bear Encounter in the Arctic

// “There it is!” A fellow passenger pointed out to a vanilla-colored fur ball in the midst of the dazzling white ice field.  The Arctic can play tricks on your eyes – under the glaring midnight sun and the reflective ice, it was easy to let your imagination run wild. I grabbed my coat and […]

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Arctic Highlights: Polar Bears, the Midnight Sun and Crackling Glaciers

// I’ve just returned from an Arctic expedition, still struggling to piece together the touching memories and overwhelming sensations. My mind is trying to process what it was that moved me so – was it the surreal beauty, the extreme conditions or the rich wildlife? Perhaps it was the rare sensation of being literally at […]

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Updates from the Arctic: Sailing Onboard the MS Expedition Cruise

// I’ve swapped the heat of Madagascar for the ice-cold chills of the Arctic, leaving behind sun-kissed beaches in exchange for glaciers, fjords and the midnight sun. Currently writing to you from Longyearbyen, I’m sitting in my cosy hotel lobby, looking out to a view of the fjord and pointed peaks. Longyearbyen is the world’s […]

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