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One of the highlights of our Switzerland itinerary was taking the Glacier Express. Lauded as one of the best rail journeys in the world, the Glacier Express brought us from the eastern corner to the western half of the Swiss Alps, through landscapes of epic proportions.

Starting our train journey in St Moritz, we wound past flowing rapids, ice-covered lakes, acres of prairies covered in sparkling white snow, ski slopes peppered with snowboarders, and countless alpine towns before reaching our final destination of Zermatt. Through the open-roof windows of the panoramic trains on the Glacier Express, we drank in the views of the Swiss backcountry and snapped away with our cameras.

Besides the view, the journey itself was one epic adventure: it brought us through 291 bridges and 91 tunnels, countless viaducts and passes, as we climbed up to a lofty altitude of 2,033 m (6,670 ft). The entire journey only took eight hours, but the changing backdrop and diverse landscapes made it feel as though we’d journeyed through so many different terrain and landscapes.  

But despite its name, it’s barely an ‘express’ train – in fact it’s been dubbed the slowest express train in the world. There were so many highlights on the trip: the spectacular Rhine Gorge, the wineries surrounding Visp, and the summit of the Oberalp Pass – it’s hard to say which was the best part of the train journey.

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The Glacier Express: A Visual Journey

Here’s a look at the photos that Alberto snapped along the way — we’ll let you be the judge. If you’re wondering how to book the trip and get your Eurail pass, check out this detailed Eurail Pass guide.

Heading to the Alps

On our way to St Moritz to board the Glacier Express

On the way up the mountains

A View of the Alps

the Glacier Express

All on board the shiny red Glacier Express

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Beautiful glass panorama cabins open up to stunning views

Swooshing past pretty alpine towns

One of the many alpine towns we passed

Skis in the snow

Skiiers and snowboarders are often seen at the stations

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A skiier at the station

A lonesome skiier looks out into the distance

Skiiers at Visp station

A pair of skiiers stops for a snap

Reaching the Oberalpass

This was the highest point of the train journey: the Oberalpass at 2,033m of altitude

Crossing a bridge

Crossing a viaduct

An alpine town

Beneath our feet sprawls yet another alpine town

At Chur station

Our train pulling in at the Chur station

Essential Information:

The Eurail Pass includes a 25% discount on the Glacier Express, be sure to book your tickets in advance on the Glacier Express website. The train runs on a different schedule in winter, be sure to check it online beforehand. Here’s a look at its itnerary on the Eurail map:


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