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A Guide to Eating Ethiopian Food

ethiopian food guide

For a crash course on Ethiopian food, here are some tips on Ethiopian dining etiquette and a list of the best Ethiopian dishes to try. Those who have traveled in Africa will know that food comes in limited varieties and options in most of the continent — but not here in Ethiopia. You’ll be surprised […]

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Tasting West Sweden: A Shellfish Safari in Grebbestad

Catching crabs

Our recent trip to West Sweden brought us plenty of surprises – but the biggest surprise of them all was its food. The shellfish in West Sweden is said to be some of the best in the world, thanks to the region’s cold, clean waters. During our visit, we sampled everything from lobster au gratin to traditional Swedish fish stew and mussels in garlic […]

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Best Places to Eat Around the World

best places to eat around the world - La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Spain has its colorful seafood paella, vibrant tapas scene and world-famous jamón; Japan has its fresh-from-the-sea sashimi; and Mexico its whole slew of tacos, burritos and sizzling dishes… It’s a well-known fact that food plays an important part in travel – especially so in our travels. The hunt for good food has brought us through […]

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A Food Tour of Manila’s Chinatown

Ivan and lumpia lady

ilipinos have always bonded through food,” said Ivan, “The best deals have been settled on the dining table.” With that, we began our journey into the Philippine culinary world. In Manila’s Binondo district, also known as Chinatown, we met up with our guide, Ivan Mandy, who co-owns Old Manila Walks, an outfitter that aims to unpeel […]

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Dinner Etiquette: How to Eat Abroad

For my first post on WildJunket blog, I thought I’ll start by discussing dinner etiquettes, an issue that I’m often concerned about  when traveling to a new country. If friends and acquaintances are kind enough to show you around their home country and share their culture with you, the last thing you’d want to do […]

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Street Foods Around the World

Ask any traveling foodie about memorable times on the road, and you’re bound to be regaled with stories of the delicious (and sometimes unusual) street foods they’ve encountered along the way. In many countries, street foods are the ultimate option for quick, inexpensive, and flavorful meals, and according to some studies, account for up to […]

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World’s Most Bizarre Foods

worlds most bizarre foods

Sheeps brains, bulls testicles, chicken feet…. these are just some of the most bizarre foods I’ve had. Growing up in Asia, I’ve never had problems chowing down pig’s intestines or chicken liver. Some of these foods may sound bizarre or even nasty to most Westerners, but they’re just traditional stuff I grew up eating. Suffice to say, […]

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Wine Tourism in Costa Brava

// One of the highlights of my recent jaunt through Costa Brava, Spain, was the exquisite food and wine: our meals were made up of fresh Mediterranean food, punctuated with some of the best wines in the world – from Priorat wine to Freixenet cava (Spanish version of champagne). At Celler Martin Faixo, we sampled […]

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Costa Brava in Pictures – The Best of Spain in One Region

Panorama of Cala dels Lliris, Tamariu

I’m suffering a serious bout of post-trip depression after spending one of the best weeks of my life in Costa Brava, Spain. A trip jam-packed with once-in-a-lifetime experiences: from skydiving in Empuriabrava to meeting one of the world’s best chef Ferran Adria to diving deep into history with Dali’s …

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Learning to Pour Cider the Traditional Way in Asturias, Spain

pouring cider the traditiona way, Asturias

Before visiting Asturias, I knew they were obsessed with ciders. But I didn’t know they were this obsessed: the Asturians alone consume over 79,500 litres of cider each year and in Asturias’s biggest city, Gijon, there are well over 1,300 cider bars. I also knew that the Asturians had a peculiar (and …

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Learning to Cook Italian Food in Tuscany

tagliata con rucola e grana

Tuscany is famed for its rolling olive groves, exquisite wine and most of all, healthy, organic foods.  From a whirlpool of pasta variations to a sea of pizza flavors and tender grilled meat prepared in hundreds of different ways, Tuscan food has got me bowled over. In this story, I share my personal experience of […]

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Photoblog: Street Food in Seoul

Streetside seafood stall in Namdaemun

As a traveler strangely obsessed with food, I am drawn to the vibrant culinary scene in Seoul. It comes as no surprise that within 10 steps into Seoul’s raucous streets, I am instantly hooked. BBQ red meat glow under the bright neon lights, while live seafood wriggle with vigor …

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5 Essential Things to Do Around Halong Bay, Vietnam


// This week, we venture back to Asia for a taste of exotic flavors and sights. Today’s guest post is from David Jr of Malaysia Asia blog, an online resource on all things Southeast Asian. Here, he shares with us some essential things to do at one of his favorite spots in Asia – Halong […]

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Culinary Travel: Delhi’s Finest Trio

A table at Bukhara, Northwest frontier restaurant

On the last leg of our month-long India sojourn, we were treated to the finest cuisine Delhi had on offer. Bursting with vigor, flavors and smells, Delhi has in many ways imparted its character to its diverse and internationally-influenced cuisine. Unlike most small towns and cities in India, …

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Contemporary Rajasthani Cuisine at Lal Bagh, Udaipur

Lal bagh restaurant building

The atmospheric lakeside city of Udaipur is full of surprises, especially for the first-time traveler in India. I’d long heard about the reputed fame of Rajasthani cuisine, known for its extensive use of a myriad of spices and condiments, so naturally I was curious to embark on a culinary tour here. From our …

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