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Is It Safe to Visit Iraq?

safe to travel iraq

When I launched my new tour to Iraqi Kurdistan, I received quite a few emails from people who were interested, but hesitant to come. Safety was their biggest concern and most people were worried about the security issues there. Understandably so. It is Iraq we’re talking about after all and the question of whether it […]

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Come Travel Iraqi Kurdistan with Me!

travel iraqi kurdistan

 Join Me on My New Kurdistan Tour! As a reader, you probably know by now that I like traveling to less visited places, like North Korea and Turkmenistan, but many of these places are difficult and expensive to travel solo. That’s why I launched WildJunket Tours, to bring together like-minded people, cut cost and have […]

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Oman Travel Guide

oman travel guide

Oman Travel Guide for Curious Travelers Poised on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman shares borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen — but it’s distinctively a world of its own.  The country has an embracing society that warmly welcomes visitors; the people are incredibly friendly. Its robust infrastructure also […]

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70 Photos of Oman that Will Inspire You to Visit!

photos of oman

A collection of my best photos of Oman that will hopefully make you want to travel there now! Oman: a name so exotic and inviting, yet strangely unknown to many. At least I knew close to nothing about it before my recent trip there with my husband and our 2-year-old daughter. We spent most of […]

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Walls of Resilience — West Bank, Palestine

Leila Khaled, symbol of Palestinean resistance

In the Palestinian Territories, artists are finally breaking their years of silence. The growing art scene in the West Bank is a testament to how the Palestinians are using street art as a form of expression. Politics, a subject you can’t avoid in Palestine, is of course the main theme. Activists have sprawled their works of […]

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Silk Road Travel Guide

silk road travel guide

The Silk Road is the greatest travel route of all time, spanning 8,000km across continents, weaving through deserts, mountains and grasslands and bringing traders from East to West and vice versa. The original overland odyssey has long lured travelers, from the likes of the world’s first professional traveler, Marco Polo, to modern-day Silk Road author, […]

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Overland Travel in Central Asia: Tips and Review

Driving through the mountains of western Iran

Traveling Central Asia is the stuff of dreams, evoking images of golden sand dunes, vast steppes, yurts, and exotic ancient architecture. For centuries, this region has been closely tied to the Silk Road and has acted as a crossroad for the exchange of goods, people and knowledge between Europe and Asia. The first travelers came […]

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Traveling Iran — What it’s Like

traveling in iran-rev2

As a curious traveler, I believe visiting a place for myself is the best way to learn on-the-ground knowledge and to see a place beyond the headlines. My recent visit to Iran – just like my previous trips to troubled lands like North Korea and Palestine – further reaffirmed that what we see in the media isn’t always the real truth. As […]

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Photo Highlights of Iran: from Persian Architecture to Outstanding Hospitality

The Zagros Mountain in western Iran

Mention Iran and many think of burkha-clad women, burning flags and war. But these stereotypes can’t be further from the truth. For those who are curious and open to new discoveries, Iran is packed full of surprises. It is a relatively safe country to visit and there’s so much to see and do in terms […]

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Traveling Central Asia: The Mind-Boggling Visa Application Process

Central Asia map

Amongst the nuances of travel, applying for visas is one of the things we hate about traveling. Sadly this is probably the most annoying part of planning a trip to Central Asia. Almost every country in Central Asia requires a visa to enter (for most nationalities). The ever-changing rules for visa applications in Central Asian nations […]

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Up Next: Two Months in Central Asia Traveling the Silk Road!

Mongolia map

My next trip is something of a dream journey, something that I’ve been planning for years! As you’re reading this, I’m making my way down to Mongolia and starting an epic journey through Central Asia. For a long time I’ve been dreaming of exploring this region that just seems so enigmatic with its golden sand dunes, vast steppes, […]

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A City in Transition: Nazareth, Israel

Visiting an abandoned house

“There is tension almost everywhere in Israel, but not here in Nazareth,” says Linda, our guide from Fauzi Azar Inn. Indeed, Nazareth doesn’t seem quite as intense as Jerusalem, the religious hub of Israel. Here, there are no military soldiers, nor machine guns. In their place are friendly, hospitable Arab vendors and welcoming locals who are more […]

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Rock and Rumble: Off Road Driving in Israel’s Judaean Desert

Judaean Desert

Just ten minutes outside of Jerusalem lies the Judaean Desert, a sprawling desert of stone-studded hills, valleys and gorges. The area stretches from the Negev Desert to the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the West Bank, ending in a steep escarpment dropping to the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. Despite its proximity to the city, it’s a whole […]

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Walking the Jesus Trail in Israel – Part I

Hiking the Jesus Trail - near Kibbutz Lavi

A gravel path stretches before us, extending into the rolling hills and beyond into the dramatic Arbel Cliffs in the far distance. Green meadows sprinkled with red poppies and yellow daisies flank both sides of the path. Once and in a while, we’d stumble upon a herd of grazing cows or roaming horses. In the […]

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Staying Afloat: The Power of The Dead Sea

Dead Sea from the high way

The Dead Sea got its name for a reason: it’s salty, deadly and it stands at the lowest point on earth (at 1,388 feet below sea level). This world famous salt lake has almost 33.7% salinity – so hypersaline that not a single species of animal can survive. But more importantly, it’s hypersalinity makes swimming in it akin to floating. […]

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