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Looking to escape the crowds in nature? Here’s a round up of the best national parks in USA, according to travel bloggers.

The United States is a big-ass country, with 50 states covering a vast swath of North America. From Alaska in the northwest to  Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, the country stretches across an extremely diverse landscape and terrain.

The best places to experience the beauty of the U.S. are its national parks. They represent the finest that America has to offer. Sandstone arches, glaciers, white beaches, stalagmite-filled caves, tropical rainforests, scorching deserts, and volcanoes: The national parks scattered throughout the United States truly have it all. 

To explore all 62 national parks dotted throughout the country, it might take me a lifetime. So, I’ve recruited the help of fellow travel bloggers from the United States to share with us the most beautiful national parks in USA. 

Best National Parks in USA

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