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Scuba Diving in the Maldives

Scuba diving Maldives

Experiencing Scuba Diving in the Maldives s we descend into the depths of the Indian Ocean, the strong waves and whipping winds are replaced by clear-as-glass water and a kaleidoscope of colors. Marine life of all sizes and characteristics surround us. My dive instructor and I slowly make our way through the sprawling coral gardens, amidst […]

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Learning to Kitesurf in Tarifa, Spain

Kitesurfing in the water

he wind is blowing strong and hard, tugging at my kite. Overhead, the sun’s rays are glaring and blinding my eyes. The wide, sandy beach stretches for miles and the cool waters of the Mediterranean are calling. I’m in Tarifa, trying my hands at kitesurfing, a sport I’ve long wanted to dabble in. For the […]

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Conquer Summer with our SlotFlops GiveAway!


This summer has been an extremely busy one as we traveled from Hawaii to the Adriatic coast of the Balkans and soon the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius. Thankfully, we’ve partnered up with ArchPort® to tide us through the summer waves and have a peace of mind when having fun at the beach. ArchPort®’s new […]

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Slovenia from Above: Paragliding over Lake Bled

As the engine roared on our backs, I felt myself being lifted into the air and drifting further and further from land. In a matter of seconds, we were flying high above the valley. From my vantage point, I feasted on endless corn fields, green plains and clusters of dark green forests, all sprawled over undulating […]

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Video: Jet Boating on the Sigatoka river, Fiji

one of the Speedboats

“Ready?” Our female captain Joey shouted as we whizzed over the water at over 80km/h. With that, she turned her steering wheel 180 degrees and sent us flying through the air, our hands flailing and water whipping our faces. It was our first time on a jet boat and we never imagined it to be […]

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Our Worst Travel Mishaps – Part 2

The picture that almost cost my life

About a month ago we shared with you a few of our worst travel mishaps to date. But the list of misadventures we encounter on the road does not end there. On every trip there is a small chance for disaster. If you combine that with our miscalculations and sloppy travel arrangements, the odds of […]

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A Reality Check: Our Worst Travel Mishaps

Travel can be frustrating sometimes...

As professional travel writers and bloggers, we are full-time travelers and we are on the road most of the time — and with all that experience, you would think that we’ve gotten the hang of travel by now. The reality is quite the opposite: we are probably some of the worst travelers you’ll ever meet. […]

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

Last week, we wrote about the new direction we’re going to take with this blog. From now on, we aim to be more honest and personal here, and we are going to start by sharing a little bit more about ourselves. Most of you who have followed us for a while now may know all […]

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SNUBA Diving St Kitts

When we first heard we were going to try SNUBA-diving off the Caribbean coast of St Kitts we didn’t know what to expect. As certified scuba divers, we were quite skeptical about this new sport. We had the preconceived idea that it would be limiting and we wouldn’t be able to see as much as we […]

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The Other Caribbean: Rainforest Trekking on St. Kitts

Aside from the tranquil beaches and flavorful Caribbean food, one of the biggest draw of St. Kitts is its rainforest. Protected since 1902, the Central Reserve Rain Forest covers almost 25% of the island extending from the foothills of the mountains that rise up from the interior of the island, all the way to the coastline. They’re lush, […]

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Photoblog: Nordic Charm in Trondheim

Of all the places we visited on our Ice Run with Eurail, Trondheim has got to be the biggest surprise for us. Surrounded by fjords,  the city is a charming Nordic enclave rich in history and traditional flair. The town itself is tastefully built around a hill, studded with narrow cobble stoned alleys, classic Norwegian houses and […]

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High Above the Fjords of Narvik

“Are we going on these cool trucks?” We were standing in front of three restored military tanks that looked like they were taken straight out of a James Bond movie. “Yes, we normally use these to bring guests up the ski slopes when it’s too windy to run the cable car”. Our guide Svein explained. […]

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How to Deal With Travel Fatigue

We were in the blistering heat of Beijing, breathing in the smoggy air with a million other pedestrians, with our backpacks weighing us down, hopping from one hostel to another, struggling to keep up with our writing and magazine work. After traveling intensively for more than six months, being sick a few times, and even […]

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Spins and Cartwheels: Snowmobiling in the Swedish Lapland

Spectacular View in Abisko National Park

Continuing on our Ice Run journey with Eurail, we’re having our winter fun in the Swedish Lapland, one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights and try all sorts of winter activities. Here’s a story on the thrilling adventure of snowmobiling in Abisko. *** A strong wind whipped our faces as we drove […]

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Ice Run Updates

As the year comes to an end, we have reached the first half of our Ice Run journey through the coldest parts of Europe. Over the past few weeks, we have ridden a reindeer sleigh and met Santa Claus in Finland, caught the Northern Lights and visited Sweden’s original ICEHOTEL as well as tried our […]

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