7 Adventurous Activities to do in Winter

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Winter has quickly crept upon us in the northern hemisphere as we gear up for the cold weather. With Nellie and Alberto  having just finished the Ice Run, it’s all about fun in ice and snow this winter here at WildJunket. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, winter offers up many chances to try your hand at something new and adventurous. Here are seven exciting adventurous activities we’ve collected. Have a wacky time this winter!

Watching the Northern Lights in Sweden

A large chunk of Sweden lies in the “auroral oval” – a zone where atmospheric gases collide with solar particles, creating the natural light show of the aurora borealis. Head away from city lights to the Swedish Lapland on a chilly, clear night for a chance to see purple, red, or green swathes of light dance across the sky. Watch the Northern Lights from the Aurora Sky Station’s lookout tower in Abisko National Park or the world’s first ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi. Nellie and Alberto were just there last week and saw some amazing Northern Lights display in Abisko!

Snowshoeing in Norway

Sprawled across Norway are large expanses of untouched snow, offering beautiful landscapes to be trekked across. You can easily snowshoe cross-country for a chance to glimpse the minke whale off the Norwegian coast or perhaps a sea eagle, whose population is at its highest in Narvik. Sail through its fjords on a nature safari cruise or take your snowshoeing on a vertical trek up the plentiful mountains for a spectacular view of frozen Norwegian lakes and plateaus.

Rally driving in Finland

Finland is home to some of the world’s best rally drivers, so if you’d like to pick up the sport, sign up for a short course with one of the many rally driving schools in Finland. Most of them are open year-round and they cater to newcomers and professionals. Interested in a specific car? They can arrange it for you. Shift into high gear this winter and try your hand at a race course.

Renault 8 AcceleratingFlickr photo by Jussi Mononen

Winter swimming in Russia

Ever fancy a New Year’s Eve polar dip? There’s no better place to dip your toe in the water – literally – than in Russia, where winter swimming is a popular thrill. If you’d rather ring in the New Year at a party than in ice-cold water, don’t worry: on January 19th, Russians celebrate the Orthodox holiday of the Epiphany by cutting holes into ice-covered rivers and ponds to plunge into water that’s -36 degrees Celsius.

Epiphany bathing in New Jerusalem's monasteryFlickr photo by Yuri Timofeyev

Canyon jumping in Switzerland

Interlaken is a Swiss town that sits between two lakes and takes full advantage of winter for fun activities. It offers up Snowpenair, a music event; winter-proof Segway rides; and fantastic snowboarding and skiing. Even better? Interlaken is one of the few places in the world where you can bungee through a narrow glacial canyon, which some describe as a bigger thrill than skydiving itself.

Flickr photo by Alan Light

Ice climbing in Italy

Cogne Valley in Northern Italy is world-renowned for its ice climbing, and has climbs for both the beginners and experts out there. Scaling your way up a frozen waterfall with an axe is not for the fainthearted – but if you’re brave enough to try, Cogne Valley is easily the best place to do it.

The Alps - Sept 2nd

Snow-holing in Scotland

Scottish winters deliver enough snow to give you a true winter hike up a mountain – but even better, they provide enough deep snow to create your very own snow-hole. Picture an upside-down igloo and you’ve got a snow-hole, which can be cozier than an igloo or a tent. Experts now teach people this survival technique as an adventurous way to spend the night on a mountain – but unless you’ve been trained in the skills, make sure to take an expert with you.

Charlotte Scotland moving into her new Snow HoleFlickr photo by Tretherras News

Which of these winter activities have you tried? Can you recommend any other fun activities?

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  1. Gypsy Traveller May 21, 2013 12:38 pm #

    Great adventures, all amazing countries for Outdoor! I personally still can't get enough of Aurora Borealis!

    • Nellie May 21, 2013 2:41 pm #

      Me neither! We only saw it one night, even though that was etched deeply in my memories. Hope to see it again this year!

  2. East Kilbride June 7, 2013 9:48 am #

    It's on my bucket list to see the northern lights!

  3. Cheap 1300 Numbers June 16, 2013 12:30 pm #

    They are such nice places to have an adventure. That could give a great experience for sure.

  4. visit July 25, 2013 6:09 am #

    This is so exciting to see. It’s been my pleasure to read about adventurous trip. I have already watched the rally race course in Finland on you tube. Everyone knows that Finland is the home of best rally drivers in the world. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

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