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Drone Video of Laos

Drone Video of Laos Laos really surprised in many ways. While it has a lot of things in common with Thailand (culture, food, religious beliefs, and architecture), the country is a lot more mellow, humble and laid-back than most parts of Southeast Asia. Its laid-back riverside towns and temple-studded colonial cities easily transport you back in […]

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Traveling Laos with Children

traveling laos with children kids

Traveling Laos with children can be both rewarding and challenging, but its merits definitely outweigh the cons. Here are some of our practical tips for traveling Laos with children. We’re just returned from a trip to Laos with our two-year-old girl Kaleya, and it turned out to be one of our favourite trips with her to date. […]

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30 Pictures of Laos: Temples, Rivers and Colonial Houses

pictures of Laos

A collection of my best pictures of Laos: from the riverside town of Vang Vieng to temple-studded Luang Prabang. The name Laos conjures up images of saffron-robed monks, golden stupas and temples, and elegant colonial architecture… And unlike many other rapidly developing Southeast Asian countries, this picture still holds true here in Laos. Until the […]

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Chinese New Year in Singapore: A Festival of Traditions

chinese new year singapore

For those celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore, here is a guide on the traditions and practices of the festive season. In the oriental world, the year has only just begun. We’re currently in Singapore, ringing in the Year of the Rooster with my family and friends. Chinese New Year is one of the most important […]

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5 Unconventional and Adventurous Experiences in Indonesia

adventurous experiences in indonesia

As we plot our plans for an extended trip back to Indonesia next year, here are some of our favorite adventurous experiences in Indonesia that are well worth a visit if you’re seeking something off the beaten path! An archipelago of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a sultry kaleidoscope of cultures and diverse landscapes that runs along the […]

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Why You Should Travel Malaysia

why you should travel malaysia

Why you should travel Malaysia Lush and wild, Malaysia is a hodgepodge of vast unexplored jungles teeming with wildlife castaway beaches, coral reefs, and monstrous mountains waiting to be climbed. While the cities host vibrant districts, colonial architecture, and traditional strongholds of different ethnicities and religions: the country’s hinterland is home to granite peaks, remote […]

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7 of the Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Taj Mahal

// Travel has a reputation for being expensive, but whilst that’s often the case it’s equally true that there are some exceptional bargains around if you’re willing to spread your wings a bit further. In many parts of the world it’s possible to live on only a few pounds a day – or in luxury […]

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Photoblog: Faces of Myanmar

A young boy on the train

For every traveler, there is always that one place which truly resonates. A place that you deeply connect with and gives you a strong sense of belonging. After experiencing Madagascar last year, I didn’t think I would find another place that stirs up such feelings – but Myanmar changed my mind. Having been isolated from […]

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A Secret Corner of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Buddha statues at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

This is the fourth edition of an ongoing series of reviews on properties (budget hotels and hostels) we’re staying at during our travels in Asia, as part of our partnership with HostelBookers.com. Our first stop in Thailand, during our journey through Southeast Asia, was Chiang Mai, in the northern reaches of the country. We’ve heard so […]

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Tracing the Philippine Tarsier on Bohol Island

the philippine tarsier

he air was thick with humidity. We followed the trail that snaked through the dense tropical foliage, pushing past thick molave leaves as we ventured further. “Shhh…” Our 18-year-old park ranger, Ijie, stopped us in our tracks and pointed at a branch hanging above our heads. There they were – two furry critters hugging the […]

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Celebrating the Songkran Water Festival in Bangkok and Yangon

People covered in powder and water

It’s wet, it’s wild and it’s loud. Songkran festival is synonymous with massive water wars and street parties. In Thailand and many other parts of Southeast Asia, Songkran is celebrated as the traditional New Year’s Day. Traditionally,  people celebrate by paying respects to the elders and visiting the temples to pray or give food to monks. The splashing of […]

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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Cebu, Philippines

n the far distance came a spray of water and the faint outline of an enormous animal resembling a whale. We watched in awe as it glided gently by the bow of a small fishermen boat, following its circular motion. There was no time to waste: we quickly hopped onto our bagka boat – mask, fins and underwater camera in hand. The animal was […]

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The Colorful Lantern Town of Hoi An, Vietnam

Riverbanks of Hoi An

Rows of shop houses spotting Chinese tiled roofs and yellow stained walls line the narrow alleys. Red lanterns hang from rusty ceilings, while creepy lalang tree branches hang from above. Red-and-green rickshaws stand alongside the traditional five-foot way and local ladies wearing conical straw hats amble along the streets balancing baskets of fruits on their shoulders. By […]

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Tips on How to Arrange Volunteer Work Abroad

This is a sponsored guest post by i-to-i.com. So you’ve made the decision to go on a take a gap year and you want to do something worthwhile with your time. Volunteer projects are often the first port of call for travelers, but how can you go about arranging this part of your trip? It’s actually […]

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Our Home for the Week: Beach Bungalow at Dumaguete, Philippines

For the past week, our days consisted of diving in the mornings, swinging in a hammock in the afternoons and working hard on our laptops while sipping sundowners by night. We had found the perfect setting for our location independent lifestyle: Dumaguete on Negros island lies miles away from the tourist trail. Besides quiet beaches, […]

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