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Surprising Peru

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a Travel Guide article about Peru by our contributor Esme Fox. From the mystical peaks of the Andes to the verdant Amazon rainforest, Peru defies all expectations with a mix of ancient ruins, colonial cities and endless opportunities for adventure.  By Esme Fox | Originally published […]

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Natural Wonders of Peru: From Forests to Canyons

This is a sponsored guest post by Virgin Holidays. Peru is home to the famed monuments of Machu Picchu and to the vibrant capital city of Lima. Both of these places are beautiful and intriguing in their own right, but it is the breathtaking beauty of Peru’s natural wonders that are the true treasures of […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Cusco, Peru

Girls in colorful dresses in Cusco, Peru.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Lima, Peru

The shimmering night lights of Lima, Peru.

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Off the Beaten Trail: 6 Unconventional Treks

atlas mountain trek

// Since I last wrote about 7 of the Best Trekking Destinations in the world, I’ve had many more trekking suggestions from readers and expert trekkers/climbers. Several of these treks are extremely challenging and clearly off the beaten path. Since part of the thrills of adventure travel comes from seeking unexplored corners of the earth, […]

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Top 7 Destinations for Photography Enthusiasts

rice terraces of Guilin

// As a photography enthusiast myself, capturing the beauty of a place is essential during my travels, especially if I have a story to go with it. Of all the striking travel destinations in the world, those ideal for photography often stand out for the natural blend of colors, nature and sunlight. Based on my […]

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10 Unique Transport Modes Around the World

Sailing on an ancient junk boat in Vietnam, riding a rickshaw in Japan or seeing the pyramids on camels – there are thousands of strange and oddly intriguing forms of transportation around the world. Inspired by my hero Charley Boorman who travelled from Ireland to Sydney using 112 modes of transport on TV series ‘By Any […]

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Top 6 Destinations for Cultural Immersion


// There are so many ways to travel. Whether you’re on a culinary tour around Italy, or ice-climbing in Patagonia, different travelers have their own style of travelling.  A cultural immersion often allows you to delve deeper into the soul of a country than a weekend holidaymaker usually would. Instead of standard sight-seeing, visitors would […]

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Traveling In South America: A Quick Guide

SouthAmerica Route

// Almost four months have passed since we started traversing the roads of South America, starting from Buenos Aires, Argentina all the way to Quito, Ecuador. In that short period of time, we went whitewater rafting, came face-to-face with modern day dinosaurs, raced up Macchu Picchu and almost froze to death in the Uyuni Salt […]

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Photoblog: Symbol of Peru – Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu

// A symbol of Peru, there is something about Macchu Picchu that makes everyone so drawn to it. A sense of mystery, a secret location in the midst of steep mountains, or its Inca origins – it remains an enigmatic magnet that attracts many to Peru each year. Travelling overland from Bolivia to Peru, the […]

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Sandboarding in Huacachina

Oasis of Huacachina

// A magical oasis hidden amidst huge towering sand dunes, Huacachina is almost like a modern-day hideaway that few know about. Those who do swear to keep it a secret, and honestly I’m not sure what I’m doing here divulging this traveler’s secret to the world. After all, it’s a paradise that’s one in a […]

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Bohemic Travel in Cuzco, Peru

Night view of Fountain at Plaza de Armas

// As night falls, glittering lights of colonial buildings and churches illuminate Cuzco (also known as Cusco) in a golden shade. What used to be an important headquarter for the Spanish conquistadores during the colonization days, is now an enchanting city littered with cobblestoned paths, fountains and ancient churches. The heart of Cuzco lies in […]

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Uros People of Lake Titicaca, Peru

View of Lake Titicaca from Taquile island

// The vast Lake Titicaca stretches 58,000 km2 across two countries, Peru and Bolivia, and sits at a high altitude of 3812m. From the distance, it almost looks like the sea with the endless horizon. The legendary lake is stunning, but what draws me to it is the indigenous natives who have created their unique […]

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