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Camping in Australia’s Red Center – Part II: Exploring Kata Tjuta

Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

Dawn had come and go. Rising at 5am was well worth it: the sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta proved to be spectacular. After seeing Kata Tjuta from atop the sand dunes, it was now time to see it up close and learn about the many stories behind it. Our young and energetic guide Nick claimed […]

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Camping in the Red Center – Part I: Uluru and its Aboriginal Roots

sunrise at Uluru

Dawn had yet to arrive, but the sounds of the desert had awoken me. I opened my eyes to the sounds of birds chirping and dingoes howling in the distance. A sky full of stars sprawled before me, the Milky Way running its course overhead. I listened to the desert orchestra and smiled to myself, […]

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Digging Beneath the Surface: Getting to Know the Central Australian Desert

Alice Springs Desert Park

Mention Australia’s Red Center, and the vast, red desert immediately comes to mind. When we set off for Australia last October, the desert was one place we really wanted to see and explore. So it was with much excitement when we found out that we didn’t have to venture far to explore the Australian desert. […]

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Under the Sand: What Lies Beneath Australia’s Red Center

thorny devil

The desert that sprawls across Australia’s Red Center may look vast and barren – but looks can be deceiving. Underneath the sand lies a whole different world. Australia has one of the largest diversity of lizards in the world, with over 860 species throughout the country. Most of them are endemic to the region – which means that they cannot be found anywhere else on the […]

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Outback Hot Air Ballooning: Seeing Alice Springs From Above

As we rise above the bush, we see the sun’s rays slowly peeking over the horizon. Soon enough it’s blazing above our heads and showering the entire horizon in gold. The bush beneath us takes on a different dimension as the gum trees transform into dark green dots under our feet and rivers slither like […]

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Photoblog: Sunrise in Uluru, Australia

the sun rising

Blinding rays of orange flashed across the vast desert like a laser light show. But this was nothing more than the work of Mother Nature. As the vermillion ball of fire rose quickly above the flat horizon, it splashed a kaleidoscope of colors onto the originally monochromatic scene. What was grey and black in the […]

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Australia’s Red Centre in Photos


ot, dry and harsh, Australia’s Red Centre is extremely inhospitable, and at the same time, intriguing. But as we found out over the past week in Central Australia, it is far from empty and lifeless. Dotted with patches of spinifex and eucalyptus trees, the desert is home to massive sandstone mountains as well as unique […]

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Going Down Under: A Road Trip Around Australia

y first taste of Australia came in December 2000. It was my first backpacking trip abroad, I was 18 and traveling with a bunch of girlfriends. We had the time of our lives seeing new sights, meeting people at youth hostels, , exploring national parks, and having an adventure of a lifetime. It got me […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Darwin, Australia

A jumping shot of us on a beach in Darwin, Australia.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Northern Territory, Australia

AThe Arnhem Escarpment that borders the land of the Aborigines in the Kakadu National Park – Northern Territory, Australia.

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Venturing into the Rocky Falls of Kakadu – Darwin

swimming in the isolated Motorcar creek falls

Gorgeous secluded waterfalls, rough rocky landscape and unspoiled greenery are spread through out the huge Kakadu National Park. This part of Australia is casually known as the ‘Top End’, where the proximity to the Equator gives it a humid Tropical weather. Our adventure tour through Kakadu was thrilling and exciting – getting down and dirty […]

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The Aussie slang – G’day, mate!


Oh yes, the Aussies sure have their unique slang, which still baffles me and other travelers alike. In some parts of Australia, their accent mixed with the Aussie slang make understanding them a tad bit difficult. But yet, you can’t seem to get enough of it. At least it cracked me up when we were […]

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