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The Romance of Travel: Losing Faith in Venice

Venice can be pretty if you can look beyond the crowds

The sun was gleaming on the sparkling waters of Venice’s channels as I jostled my way through hundreds of tourists on the Rialto Bridge to snap a photo of the the city’s world-famous canals. The air was hot and humid, but that clearly did not prevent hordes of travelers from flooding its shore. It seemed […]

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Exploring Tuscany on Two Wheels: Biking Lucca

our group biking in Lucca, Italy

Just when we were about to leave Tuscany, the sun came out (after three days of rain) and bathed the city of Lucca in a shade of gold. Our group of travelers took the opportunity to explore Lucca, biking through the city centre towards the Tuscan countryside. Armed with …

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Vespa Museum: A Look into Italy’s Engineering History

Piaggeo Museum, Pisa Italy

On a recent trip to Tuscany, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a childhood fantasy land. With antique aircraft, military coaches and thousands of Vespas on display, the Piaggeo Museum was quite an eye-opener for the inner child in me. The museum, located in the town of …

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Learning to Cook Italian Food in Tuscany

tagliata con rucola e grana

Tuscany is famed for its rolling olive groves, exquisite wine and most of all, healthy, organic foods.  From a whirlpool of pasta variations to a sea of pizza flavors and tender grilled meat prepared in hundreds of different ways, Tuscan food has got me bowled over. In this story, I share my personal experience of […]

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Rural Tourism: Unique Ways of Exploring the Countryside

Alpujarras Southern Spain

// Since getting bitten by the travel bug, I’ve been introduced to rural tourism on several occasions: olive-picking in Southern Spain, staying at an eco-lodge in the mountains of Guatemala and experiencing farm life in Western Australia. Rural tourism is a way of exploring and immersing in nature – and it often leads to surprising […]

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Photoblog: Flag-waving Ceremony in Lucca, Italy

flag-waver in Lucca Italy

Knees bent, chest raised, the flag-waver uses all his strength to thrust his flag high into the sky. Tension heightens amidst the crowd as the Italian national flag soars towards the San Martino bell tower. Whop! The young sbandieratore catches his flags with much precision, and the crowd roars …

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Celebrating Italy’s 150th Birthday in Lucca

Lucca streets decked in italian flags

// Splashed in the national colors of green, white and red, the streets of Lucca are buzzing in a festive mood. Powered up for Italy’s birthday celebrations, locals take to the streets with the Italian flag in hand and pride in their hearts.  Despite the drizzle, the energy is impalpable and the atmosphere contagious. It’s […]

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Photoblog: Carnival Celebrations All Around the World


// It’s that time of the year again! Flamboyant costumes, larger-than-life parades and colorful street parties: Carnival is an annual festive season celebrated in various corners of the world. What started out as a Roman Catholic festival is now a massive party. One of my favorite events of the year (next to Christmas), the Carnival […]

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Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Europe

Iceberg in Spitsbergen, Norway

// Europe is not all about dreamy castles and winter wonderland – for the adventure-seeker and outdoor-lover, it’s packed with challenging terrain perfect for hiking, scuba diving and many other extreme adventures. Now that the festive season is approaching, plan out your travels in Europe to include some adventurous activities and experience a different side […]

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Off the Beaten Trail: 6 Unconventional Treks

atlas mountain trek

// Since I last wrote about 7 of the Best Trekking Destinations in the world, I’ve had many more trekking suggestions from readers and expert trekkers/climbers. Several of these treks are extremely challenging and clearly off the beaten path. Since part of the thrills of adventure travel comes from seeking unexplored corners of the earth, […]

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6 of Europe’s Most Enchanting Coastal Towns

2695923157_ce2e8d0659 (1)

// Summer’s finally crept its way in as we welcome warm temperatures and the gratifying wave of heat. This summer, I’ll be ticking off gorgeous European islands and coastal towns off my travel list. I’ve always had a thing for coastal towns: craggy shoreline, charming houses poised on cliff tops and plundering azul waves. We’ve […]

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8 of the Best Beaches in Europe

// I’m dipping my toes in crystal clear waters while my hair gets powdered up with fine sand. I’m in Europe – no castles or cathedrals, just enjoying the sun on a slice of paradise. Whether it’s a secluded bay with emerald surfs slamming on sandstone cliffs, or wide stretches of golden sand glimmering with […]

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