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Timeless Ruins: 10 Historical Sites in Greece

the Panthenon

This is a sponsored guest post by Steve Alexander. Greece is well known for a lot of things: sunshine, beautiful beaches – but also for its incredible historical sites. From castles to ancient temples, this is one country that’s absolutely heaving with imposing structures and ancient architecture that has stood the test of time, both […]

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Island-Hopping Around Greece

Sunset at Santorini

Greece is a country renowned for its ancient history, born from a land where mighty gods ruled the land and sea, and were worshipped by all. The remains of the citadels, temples and other monuments that once littered the landscapes can still be seen to this day, and are popular tourist attractions for those visiting […]

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8 of the Best Beaches in Europe

// I’m dipping my toes in crystal clear waters while my hair gets powdered up with fine sand. I’m in Europe – no castles or cathedrals, just enjoying the sun on a slice of paradise. Whether it’s a secluded bay with emerald surfs slamming on sandstone cliffs, or wide stretches of golden sand glimmering with […]

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