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Turtle Watching in Trinidad

Thrilled to have one of my closest friends, Hannah Enightoola, share a story here about turtle watching in Trinidad, where she was born and raised. Hannah has traveled far and wide, but she’ll always consider Trinidad her home. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I gaze at the seemingly never-ending stretch of sandy beach, […]

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Traveling the Dominican Republic with Kids

For those traveling the Dominican Republic with kids, here’s a detailed guide with tips and recommendations on the family-friendly things to do in this Caribbean nation. Miles and miles of powdery white sand and spearmint blue water: the Dominican Republic is just as dreamy as I’d imagined. This summer, we spent two weeks exploring the […]

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Travel to Haiti: What to See in Cap Haïtien

After years of poor governing and earthquakes, what used to be called the “Paris of the Antilles” is now struggling to get back on its feet. Here’s a look at how it’s like to travel Haiti after the earthquake. Cap Haïtien: from Riches to Rags Located on the northern coast of Haiti, Cap Haïtien was […]

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Postcards from the Dominican Republic

the dominican republic postcards

Hundreds of kilometers of coastline define the Dominican Republic – some of it white-sand beaches shaded by rows of palm trees, other parts lined dramatically with rocky cliffs, wind-swept dunes or serene mangrove lagoons. Some of the bays and coves where pirates once roamed are now home to fishing villages and thousands of migrating humpback […]

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Best Things to Do in Jamaica — Beyond the All-Inclusive Resorts

Smooth like rum and hot like a spicy plate of jerk, Jamaica got me hooked almost right from the start. The media might call it dangerous but the worst crime you’re likely to encounter is having your heart stolen. The calm, luscious island is blanketed in endless rainforests and coffee plantations. It boasts hundreds of […]

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Traveling Jamaica with Kids: Why the Island is Perfect for Families

jamaica with kids

For the longest time, Alberto and I dreamt of visiting Jamaica. He’s always been a reggae fan, and I’ve wanted to be a Rastafarian hippie and grow dreadlocks since high school. On one of our first dates, we danced to Bob Marley’s music in a bar and talked about going to Jamaica someday. Fast forward […]

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How Will Cuba Change?

how will Cuba change?

How Will Cuba Change? With the recent strengthening of ties between the US and Cuba, many are questioning if the time-warped nation will ultimately lose its charm. We check in with the Cubans to find out. Since the US trade embargo was implemented almost 50 years ago, Cuba has been kept in a 1950s time […]

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The Colonial Town Everyone Loves — Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad Cuba

If you only have time for just one place to visit in Cuba (besides charismatic Havana of course), make it Trinidad. But don’t trust me on that, ask anyone and they’ll surely tell you the same. Trinidad is the Cuba that many people imagine: rambling cobbled streets replete with cigar-smoking men playing dominos, hat-wearing guitar-wielding folk […]

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54 Photos of Havana – A City Stuck in a Time Warp


  Havana Photo Blog Havana has an old soul. It’s reminiscent of an old gentleman who loves his cigar and rum, who’s suave and dashing, and have plenty of stories to tell. It’s charming and charismatic – and no lady can resist it. Despite 50 years of withering neglect, it’s still achingly handsome. Prepare yourself to be […]

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Follow My Journey to Cuba (and Join me on an Instagram Takeover!)

Classic car in Havana

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Havana, Cuba, for the start of an exciting trip around the country! For those who have been following me for awhile, you probably know that Cuba’s been on my bucket list for a long time. Cuba has always been on my radar, not just for its unique flair and […]

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Waterfalls, Villages, and Volcanoes: The Real St Vincent

Kingstown from a distance

On our recent trip to St Vincent, we spent quite some time liming on sandy beaches and lounging around beautiful resorts; but our curiosity (as always) got the most of us: Surely there must be something to the Caribbean beyond its sandy beaches and luxurious hotels? So we tore ourselves away from the piña coladas […]

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Lava and Ash: Climbing La Soufriere Volcano on St Vincent

A view of the volcano crater

The air is hot and steamy, and I’m completely drenched in sweat. Emerald palm trees and beautiful yellow-and-red heliconia surround us but I’m too tired to care. I’m out of breathe and low in energy level, gasping for breathe and working hard to keep up with the rest. By this time, we’ve been walking for […]

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An Instagram Photo Tour of St Vincent and the Grenadines


The sun is setting and showering the whole area in sparkling gold as I dive into the warm Atlantic Ocean. The coconut trees on the white pearly beach are swaying, while soft reggae music play gently in the background. As the locals like to say, “We’re on Caribbean time, man.” We’re on Young Island, a […]

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From One Island to the Next: Liming in St Vincent and the Grenadines

One of the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines

After spending a long winter last year in extraordinarily cold places (think Antarctica and Lapland), we have packed this year with plenty of trips to hot, tropical islands – from the Caribbean island of St Kitts to the Pacific treasure trove of Fiji and the volcano isles of Hawaii. Alberto and I love discovering pristine […]

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Active Caribbean: 4×4 Off-Road Adventures on Nevis

Alberto at the wheel

 With acres of unexplored rainforests, pasture land and a monster of a mountain rising from its center, Nevis is indeed an island made for adventure. Having hiked through its jungle and biked down its slopes, we found yet another alternative way of exploring the rugged terrain of the island: on board a 4×4 Polaris Ranger […]

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