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7 of the Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Taj Mahal

// Travel has a reputation for being expensive, but whilst that’s often the case it’s equally true that there are some exceptional bargains around if you’re willing to spread your wings a bit further. In many parts of the world it’s possible to live on only a few pounds a day – or in luxury […]

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Highlights of Our 6-Month Trip in Asia

Whale Shark in Cebu

We’ve been back in Spain for over a month now, taking time off to concentrate on marketing our magazine as well as working on our new app and other projects. The last six months in Asia have been quite the journey as we trotted from one country to the next, with our laptop and camera in tow. From […]

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Falling for the Chaotic Charms of Hanoi, Vietnam

Roundabout in downtown Hanoi

This is the second edition of an ongoing series of reviews on properties (budget hotels and hostels) we’re staying at during our travels in Asia, as part of our partnership with On the streets of Hanoi, traffic ebbs and flows as slick chrome scooters weave between old-school rickshaws and pushcarts. Miniature stools and tables line the alleys, […]

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Halong Bay: When Tourism Goes Wrong

n Northern Vietnam, thousands of grottos and limestone cliffs dot the emerald waters of Halong Bay. Junk boats ply its water, against the natural backdrop of dark green rock formations shrouded in mist. The limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments to evolve into the picturesque site it […]

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Photoblog: Rice Terraces of Sapa, Vietnam

Emerald green rice terraces shimmered in the distance, as water buffaloes ploughed through the soggy field. In the backdrop, the towering Hoang Lien Son mountain range lay shrouded in mist while clusters of bamboo huts sprawled across its foothills. It had rained the day before and now the poetic landscape seemed even more beautiful than ever. We had left the town of Sapa in Lao Cai […]

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3 Months of Travel in Photos

haotic traffic, sizzling tropical heat, bustling street food stalls, megamalls alongside residential neighborhoods: this is Bangkok, one of the craziest – and most seductive cities in the world. We’re currently in the Thai capital, preparing for the annual Songkran festival (or Thai New Year). It’s been almost three months since we left our home base […]

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The Colorful Lantern Town of Hoi An, Vietnam

Riverbanks of Hoi An

Rows of shop houses spotting Chinese tiled roofs and yellow stained walls line the narrow alleys. Red lanterns hang from rusty ceilings, while creepy lalang tree branches hang from above. Red-and-green rickshaws stand alongside the traditional five-foot way and local ladies wearing conical straw hats amble along the streets balancing baskets of fruits on their shoulders. By […]

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Landed in Saigon: the Start of Our Vietnam Train Journey

Streets of Saigon

Hello from Saigon! We’ve just arrived to the bustling Ho Chi Minh City to begin the next part of our journey. While it’s our second time in this city, we’ve never been to other parts of Vietnam so we’re really looking forward to exploring more of the country. Alberto and I wanted to see Vietnam’s […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: The Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Locals rowing their sampans along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

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5 Essential Things to Do Around Halong Bay, Vietnam


// This week, we venture back to Asia for a taste of exotic flavors and sights. Today’s guest post is from David Jr of Malaysia Asia blog, an online resource on all things Southeast Asian. Here, he shares with us some essential things to do at one of his favorite spots in Asia – Halong […]

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Top 6 Destinations for Cultural Immersion


// There are so many ways to travel. Whether you’re on a culinary tour around Italy, or ice-climbing in Patagonia, different travelers have their own style of travelling.  A cultural immersion often allows you to delve deeper into the soul of a country than a weekend holidaymaker usually would. Instead of standard sight-seeing, visitors would […]

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Top 8 Natural Wonders of the World

// Massive volcanic craters, acres of raw jungle and stretch of deserted sand dunes: the work of Mother Earth is beyond our imagination. Thanks to these natural wonders, our Earth has been blessed with gorgeous landscapes and undulating backdrops. Without environmental protection, they might be gone faster than we expect. To pay tribute to these […]

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