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Chinese New Year in Singapore: A Festival of Traditions

chinese new year singapore

For those celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore, here is a guide on the traditions and practices of the festive season. In the oriental world, the year has only just begun. We’re currently in Singapore, ringing in the Year of the Rooster with my family and friends. Chinese New Year is one of the most important […]

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Capella Singapore: A Retreat Away from the Urban Jungle

A retreat at Capella

ingapore is a special place for me. It’s where I was born and raised, and where I spent almost 20 years of my life. Regardless of how much time I’ve been away, Singapore is and always will be my home. Every time I go back, there’s always something new to explore — be it a […]

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Family Time in Singapore and Thailand – Captured on Instagram


Our trip back home to Singapore this January/February was a very special one. It was the first Chinese New Year with my whole family together in quite a few years. Joining us for the first time in Singapore was my sister’s boyfriend Gary and their one-year-old kiddo, Dominic (also my current favorite person in the world). We spent our […]

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Highlights of Our 6-Month Trip in Asia

Whale Shark in Cebu

We’ve been back in Spain for over a month now, taking time off to concentrate on marketing our magazine as well as working on our new app and other projects. The last six months in Asia have been quite the journey as we trotted from one country to the next, with our laptop and camera in tow. From […]

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3 Months of Travel in Photos

haotic traffic, sizzling tropical heat, bustling street food stalls, megamalls alongside residential neighborhoods: this is Bangkok, one of the craziest – and most seductive cities in the world. We’re currently in the Thai capital, preparing for the annual Songkran festival (or Thai New Year). It’s been almost three months since we left our home base […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Nightlights of Singapore

Night lights of Singapore as seen from the 55th-storey rooftop of Marina Bay Sands.

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10 of the Safest Destinations to Visit

Aruba - beautiful Caribbean island

// Some travelers still have qualms about traveling to certain places. That’s understandable as you want to make sure you not only enjoy your trip but also come home safe and sound. With the help of CNN and MSNBC, I have chosen 10 of what I deem the safest destinations in the world to visit. The factors […]

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Food Galore in Singapore

Spicy aroma and sassy sauces are omnipresent in the culinary capital of Singapore. Food is quintessential in this gastronomic city where eating is our favourite past time. From economical traditional hawker centers to high-end seafood restaurants, there is so much variety to satiate your craves and thirst. The food junkie …

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BeerFest Asia 2009 – Partying under the Flyer

Crowd enjoying their beer in the Marquee

  Over the Labour Day weekend, the Beerfest Asia kicked some ass in Singapore as thousands of beer-lovers gathered at the Singapore Flyer for some ground-breaking fun. Held annually, this year’s lineup was particularly impressive, especially its venue. Partying right under the giant Ferris wheel was quite an authentic experience. Singapore’s version of the …

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You Know you Live in Singapore when…

Chewing gum banned in Singapore!

Singapore is a melting pot of the 4 main races – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. With our unique fusion of various languages and dialects, a local slang called Singlish is born. Many foreigners find it hard to understand our origins and heritage. But with our fast-paced life and traditional Asian values juxtaposed in this […]

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10 of the Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

// Many friends have been scratching their heads for ideas on short weekend getaways from Singapore. We are after all very fortunate to be next-door neighbors with the lush tropical beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia. But thanks to over-developed tourism, most of these ‘ex-paradises’ are now crowded and touristy. Forget Bali, Phuket and Bintan, let’s […]

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