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Daily Travel Snapshot: Asilah, Morocco

A blue Arabic gate in the seaside town of Asilah, Morocco.

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Daily Travel Photo: Marrakech, Morocco

Djemma el Fna market in Marrakech

Sheep’s head galore in the outdoor market of Djemma el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco.

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Photoblog: The Moroccan Seaside in White and Blue

Panorama of Asilah

// Approaching Asilah from far, we see a jumble of square buildings topped with blue domes, enclosed within the sand-colored Medina walls. Reflecting the colors of the balmy sea, the town of Asilah is bathed in a blanket of white and blue, dotted by the occasional brown brick houses and honey-colored mosques.Men with burly beards, […]

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Photoblog: The Colorful Labyrinth of Marrakech

Djemma el Fna by night

Anyone who’s been to Morocco knows of its blinding colors and senses-assaulting smells. The Djemma el Fna souk in Marrakech in particular, erupts with vibrant energy, chaotic beauty and characteristic fervor. In the day, get lost amidst its labyrinth-like market, picking out jewels and carpets. By night, the open-air food market roars alive with aromatic […]

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