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Scuba Diving in the Maldives

Scuba diving Maldives

Experiencing Scuba Diving in the Maldives s we descend into the depths of the Indian Ocean, the strong waves and whipping winds are replaced by clear-as-glass water and a kaleidoscope of colors. Marine life of all sizes and characteristics surround us. My dive instructor and I slowly make our way through the sprawling coral gardens, amidst […]

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The Great Barrier Reef from the Air and Underwater


Just this morning, I hopped on a day trip from the Gold Coast to Lady Elliot Island, an islet in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. The 100-acre coral cay is the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane, Queensland’s southern capital, and is easily reached by plane. To get there, I flew on a […]

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Diving Molokini Volcano Crater off Maui, Hawaii

diving molokini

Dark rocks, giant boulders, and aged patches of lava surround us. In the midst of these rock tunnels and small coral caves, our marine biologist guide Pauline shines her torch to find endemic marine animals poking their heads out, curiously staring at us. Instead of the usual colorful spectrum of corals that we see underwater, […]

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Magic Underwater: Swimming with Jellyfish in Palau

Green, green, green all around me. Besides a few strands of dirt, I could hardly see anything in the dark, emerald water. But I swam on, armed with nothing more than my snorkeling mask and fins, into the darkness. My group of friends had plunged in earlier, leaving me alone, slightly nervous in this jade […]

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Palau’s Underworld in Photos

View from lighthouse

Millions of translucent white jellyfish dance and sway all around me, their short springy tentacles bobbing melodically in a synchronized rhythm, as if to welcome me into their world. This secret underworld must be one of the most magical places I’ve ever been — as there is no where else quite like this in the world. Unlike normal medusas, the golden […]

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Scuba Diving off Negros, Philippines

ou can’t come to the Philippines and not go scuba diving,” said American dive master Gary Finney. Sporting an army-style crew cut, the expat continued to explain why, “The Philippines has some of the highest concentration of reef-building corals in the world, and here on Negros, we’re lucky to be surrounded by them.” We were […]

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World’s Top Scuba Diving Destinations

top scuba diving destinations

Gliding past rainbow-colored corals and swimming alongside giant manta rays and languid turtles: scuba diving gives us a chance to acquaint with the deep realms of nature. In this world where nature is overrun by tourism, scuba-diving provides that rare peek into a different galaxy. Whether you are a novice to the scuba diving world […]

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