10 Ideal Summer Study Abroad Locations

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This is a sponsored guest post by the University of East Anglia International Summer School.

Summer study abroad gives you the chance to broaden your horizons with exciting new experiences. Study programmes can provide extra credit as part of your course, or simply extend your knowledge base and supply lifelong skills.

When choosing where to go for your study, consider somewhere that offers more than tourism: places with a wealth of history, perhaps the sites of ancient civilisations or of modern economic, social or cultural significance. Your chosen location should appeal to your interests, be applicable to your course of study or career choice and, most importantly, offer you something concrete to take away with you – whether this is enhanced language skills, gaining study credits, or expanded perspectives.

London, England

In the beating heart of a nation whose historical heritage is one of the most formative in the Western World, you can undertake summer study abroad programmes ranging from business and economics in the City of London to fashion and art history in the many world-famous galleries and museums.

Berlin, Germany

A city whose war-torn past has shaped its restored cityscape over the last century, Berlin offers the perfect site for insights into diverse subjects from urban design to European Union business models. At the same time, it’s a great base to explore this part of Europe and to improve your German at any number of language schools.

Bangalore, India

For a slice of something really different, this busy southern city known as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ will give you a full-on cultural immersion as a summer study abroad location. Here you can observe the product of the technological revolution, a fast-paced hybrid between Eastern traditions and Western modernising, and learn about rapidly evolving economic and social systems.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the place to go if you’re looking for cross-cultural or sporting programmes. The local culture is itself material for someone interested in indigenous anthropology and multicultural studies. The Australian Institute of Sport provides a centre for courses focusing on techniques and methods in sport from cricket to surfing.

New York, United States

For world-class educational institutions, New York cannot be beaten. A short journey from Harvard and home to New York University, coming here for your summer study abroad programme opens up opportunities to attend curating courses at Sotheby’s, gain invaluable lessons in career advancement, and immerse yourself in an English-speaking culture.

Paris, France

The city of light and love gives you no excuse not to make its galleries, cafés and boulevards your classroom for everything French, including art, literature, fashion and cuisine. This is an excellent city to be in especially if your interest lies in fashion or design. Rub shoulders with the glamourours, pick up some French words or simply indulge in some European elegance in the world’s most romantic city, Paris.

Marrakech, Morocco

The beautiful cities and landscapes of Morocco will really expand your cultural horizons: this is the point where Islam meets Christianity and Judaism, and the Mediterranean meets the Sahara. Whether you want to learn the ever-more-vital Arabic tongue, explore the Atlas mountains and the Sahara by camel, or take a Yachtmaster course at a lively coastal resort, Marrakech has a lot to offer.

Siena, Italy

The small but stunning Renaissance city of Siena in Tuscany is second-to-none when it comes to art history programmes, and there is a specialist music summer school, as well as numerous Italian classes. The rich local heritage makes this an unforgettable experience.

Cape Town, South Africa

After a decade of democracy, this is surely the location for anyone looking for a summer study abroad location with an interest in contemporary politics, social activism and reform. To get away from the city, spend a day on safari, visit Cape Point or the island prison where Nelson Mandela was held.

New Zealand

For those who prefer the great outdoors to a classroom, New Zealand is the place for you. Whether you’re after conservation, educational adventure travel, breath-taking views, national parks and wildlife reserves, scientific exploration or environmental issues, these two islands have summer study abroad covered.

This is to name but a few of many fantastic locations. With a whole range of not only single but multi-country programmes on offer, nothing is off-limits with summer study abroad. Get globally engaged, get out there and see the world.

This article was supplied by the University of East Anglia International Summer School – one of the UK’s top 20 universities and a world top 150. For more advice about studying in the UK, visit The British Council website.




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    I haven't had the privilege to study abroad myself, but I do know a couple people who have. A friend of mine is in Florence, Italy to study international business and Italian, and he highly recommends studying abroad!

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