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Shotover Canyon Swing — the World’s Highest Cliff Jump

Shotover canyon swing

My Experience on the Shotover Canyon Swing “1…2….3….” Counting to three, I mentally brace myself for the jump and slowly push myself backwards with my toes. But just as I’m pivoted on the ledge, the jump master pulls me back up. He laughs at the expression on my face, but I’m too scared to laugh along. It’s […]

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From the Coast to the Alps: A Glimpse of New Zealand’s South Island


Flushed with vast plains, towering mountains and dramatic beaches, New Zealand’s South Island is teeming with pristine wilderness and alpine beauty that few other countries can rival. Over the past two weeks, I traveled all over the South Island with G Adventures and was just blown away by how rugged and remote everything was in […]

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Video: Flying Over Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand

Heli-hiking Franz Josef Glacier

A vast sea of blue ice stands beneath us, with traversal crevasses running through them like cracks on the Earth’s crust. The chunky blocks of ice look almost like lego pieces jutting out from a frozen mountain that extends all the way from the top of the mountains to the valley beneath. I am flying over Franz Josef […]

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New Zealand Road Trip: Exploring the North Island

Day one of #NZ roadtrip with @gadventures and we

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been traversing the North Island of New Zealand with my main partner G Adventures. The landscapes have been stunning: rolling green hills, herds of sheeps and snow-peaked mountains sprawl across the country, with huge swells and black volcanic beaches on the west coast and calm clear bays on the east. […]

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Guess Where I Am (and Win a Free Trip for Two to New Zealand!)


Now that my trip to Australia has come to an end, I’ve just arrived in New Zealand for  even more exciting adventures! This time I’ll be traveling with my main partner, Canadian small-group adventure tour operator, G Adventures, as one of their Wanderers in Residence. I’m joining a group of young travelers on the Best of New Zealand tour […]

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Up Next: Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


By the time you read this, I’ll be making the long trek down to Queensland, Australia for an exciting trip around the region. For those who have been following us for a while now, you would probably know that Australia is somewhere special for me. My first real trip abroad was to Australia and that was almost 15 years ago when I […]

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World’s 7 Most Scenic Drives

Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Melbo

// As much as I enjoy taking local buses and trains, one of my favorite ways of enjoying a country leisurely is driving through the countryside, soaking in the landscape and scenery. Especially in massive countries like Australia, driving from one region to another gives a real sense of he back country. A recent driving […]

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6 Ideal Driving Tour Destinations


// Imagine cruising along the coastal highway and getting to your destination just in time for sunset – driving tours often give travelers the kind of freedom and flexibility that you can’t get while backpacking. They allow you to explore at your own leisurely pace, in the comfort of your own vehicle. There are plenty […]

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Top 6 Extreme Vacations


// Adrenaline junkies alert! Tired of conventional travel, cultural tours and no-thrills vacations? Forget about backpacking through Europe or beach-hopping in Central America. These days, there are plenty of exhilarating activities out there, enough to fuel up your bodies and get your heart racing. Gear yourself up for some wacky adventure as I bring you […]

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10 of the Safest Destinations to Visit

Aruba - beautiful Caribbean island

// Some travelers still have qualms about traveling to certain places. That’s understandable as you want to make sure you not only enjoy your trip but also come home safe and sound. With the help of CNN and MSNBC, I have chosen 10 of what I deem the safest destinations in the world to visit. The factors […]

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8 Adventurous Spots Around the World


// One of the many reasons why people travel is the challenge it poses. Diving into shark-infested waters, climbing the towering peaks or trekking through dense jungles – they all jolt adventure travelers to life. As my blood rushes with every adventure,  I am reminded of the meaning of travel. Once again, based on my […]

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Your Wildest Adventure: Jet Boating in New Zealand

Photo by Michael Schmatz

‘Your Wildest Adventure’ is a series featuring thrilling tales from travel writers while jaunting around the world. This week’s edition is a story from Isabelle who brings us down south to the shores of New Zealand in her quest to find some action. She blogs over at Isabelle’s Travel Guide. …

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Natural Thermal Spa pools of Rotorua, New Zealand

While I’m on the road to Central Java, fellow travel blogger Nik Tjhinn writes a guest post for us, sharing some secrets he found in New Zealand’s Sulphur City. Check out his stylish blog Unearthing Asia to uncover the best of Asia. “Kia ora, welcome to New Zealand!” so read …

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