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Adventure Breaks in the UK: 5 Places to Include on the List

Paradise, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

he UK offers up some fantastic adventure breaks for solo and family travelers. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing hike through glorious countryside or looking to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit. Here are 5 top spots for a great adventure… The […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Manchester, UK

The smallest bar in Europe: Circus Tavern. Had a blast there!

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10 of the Most Famous Walking Trails in the World


There’s something special about walking for miles and hours, with nothing but raw, untamed nature surrounding you. For those who love immersing deep in the backcountry, doing long walking trails can be a great way to explore a country and see its natural attraction at its best. I’m no expert at hiking long-distance trails but […]

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World’s Greatest Cities

New York Times Square

Bright lights, skyscraping buildings and an endless flow of energy: big cities can be some of the best travel destinations. I used to be a city girl – dazed by the glitzy lights of New York and charmed by the classic English squares in London. These days, I’m more of an outdoors traveler but it’s […]

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Londoner Tips for a Budget Trip

Big Ben in London

// This week we’ll take a break from my India journals and head back to Europe. The world’s capital, London, is the epicenter of great food, cultural enclaves and historical museums. But it’s always been notorious for its exorbitant prices and extravagant bites. This week’s sponsored post provides us with some insiders’ tips on how […]

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5 Great Cities for Castle-Hopping

Latona Fountain by HarshLight.

// Europe is a phalanx of royal castles and sprawling royal gardens, filled with aristocratic air and lavish imperial furnishings. For the castle lovers, it’s a treasure trove of historic palaces and stone castles. Each one of them has a story to tell and centuries of history behind them. The hardcore historic buffs can even […]

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How to Live & Work in the UK and Australia

Imagen 350

London always has this special place in my heart. Living and Working there allowed me to discover what I wanted in Life, and gave me  a push towards pursuing what I liked. It was the start of my journey away from home. Although I was never really a Harrods or English-tea-sipping kinda girl, I enjoyed […]

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