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Learning Maya History at the Most Impressive Maya Ruins

Tikal Guatemala

rchaeologists trace the origin the Maya to as far back as 1800 B.C. Mayan culture peaked between 600 AD and 800 AD. When the Spanish arrived on the Yucatán Peninsula in the 16th century, they made a point of burning the Maya’s writings. It was only when archaeologists deciphered their hieroglyphs did we learn about […]

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Tikal, Guatemala

The tallest pyramids in TIkal, Guatemala, seen poking out of the tropical foliage.

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Daily Travel Snapshot: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, framed by towering mountains and charming villages.

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Top 6 Extreme Vacations


// Adrenaline junkies alert! Tired of conventional travel, cultural tours and no-thrills vacations? Forget about backpacking through Europe or beach-hopping in Central America. These days, there are plenty of exhilarating activities out there, enough to fuel up your bodies and get your heart racing. Gear yourself up for some wacky adventure as I bring you […]

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10 Unique Transport Modes Around the World


Sailing on an ancient junk boat in Vietnam, riding a rickshaw in Japan or seeing the pyramids on camels – there are thousands of strange and oddly intriguing forms of transportation around the world. Inspired by my hero Charley Boorman who travelled from Ireland to Sydney using 112 modes of transport on TV series ‘By Any […]

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Photoblog: Water terraces of Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey as seen from the lookout point

// While on assignment for V!VA Travel Guides in Central Guatemala, I had the chance to write about Semuc Champey. These turquoise pool terraces are naturally formed by the river flowing under a limestone bridge. Surrounded by thick forests, it’s almost like an oasis – quiet and calm. Everyone I’d met in Guatemala raved about […]

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Climbing Guatemala’s Most Active Volcano

Blazing lava

// Facing blazing red lava and feeling the burning heat on my skin– let’s just say that at that very moment, the bare earth was at my feet. I was literally walking on a volcano that could erupt any minute. Volcán Pacaya had spewed ferociously for the first time 23,000 years ago and since then, […]

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Photoblog: Streets of Antigua Guatemala

Local folks on the streets of Antigua

// You know how every traveler has that something for this particular place in the world? Mine’s Guatemala. It was here, where I took baby steps into the world of guidebook writing, met several amazing writers and I saw the world through their eyes. Antigua might be overhyped and packed with tourists and touts, but […]

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