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7 of the Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Taj Mahal

// Travel has a reputation for being expensive, but whilst that’s often the case it’s equally true that there are some exceptional bargains around if you’re willing to spread your wings a bit further. In many parts of the world it’s possible to live on only a few pounds a day – or in luxury […]

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6 of the Most Unusual Honeymoon Destinations


// Hidden coves, a far-flung location, undiscovered deserted isles and unparalleled beauty – these are what most people look for in a honeymoon destination. The world is huge and there are tons of these secret corners around, if you know where to look. Forget Cancun, Maui and Venice, I’ve come up with these 6 uncommon […]

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8 of the World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Towns

Rovinj, Croatia

Stunning views of the cliff, with gorgeous beach houses dotting the coastline and narrow highways meandering close to the rocks beneath — Coastal towns bring a whole new meaning to seaside lifestyle. There is a certain allure about these coastal towns, be it in Africa or Australia; their elegance and disarrayed beauty …

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