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An Urban Adventure: Exploring Riga By Bike

Biking in Riga

elcome to Riga, our young and small country!” says Artus, our guide for the day. Like many young generation Latvians, Artus is a well-spoken and bright guy, full of ideas and drive. He is one of the partners of E.A.T Riga, an explorers club that aims to show the alternative side of Riga in a […]

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On the Road Again — My Upcoming Travel Plans

Biking in Riga

9 months. I can’t believe it’s been nine whole months since I last traveled out of Spain. It feels like an eternity for a full-time traveler. It was definitely great to spend time at home with Baby Kaleya and getting adjusted to this new change in life, but I’m now ready to get back on […]

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What Makes You Happier — Experiences or Things?


hroughout my college years, I spent the majority of my time slaving over textbooks while working three jobs on the side to save as much money as possible. Sometimes I’d feel a little bit left out when my friends splurged on new clothes and fancy dinners or nights out. When I’d finally pocketed a few […]

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How to Find the Cheapest Flight to Anywhere in the World


As I’ve often preached, travel doesn’t need to be expensive. Most of the time, airfare is the biggest expenditure on your trip and it takes up a chunk of our hard-earned savings. The best way to reduce this expenditure is to find the cheapest flight possible. After spending the past 12 years traveling around the […]

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Walls of Resilience — West Bank, Palestine

Leila Khaled, symbol of Palestinean resistance

In the Palestinian Territories, artists are finally breaking their years of silence. The growing art scene in the West Bank is a testament to how the Palestinians are using street art as a form of expression. Politics, a subject you can’t avoid in Palestine, is of course the main theme. Activists have sprawled their works of […]

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Planning Your Travel Budget and Finances

How to plan your travel budget

For me, budgeting is part of the fun of trip planning. It’s the first step in my planning process, and it often makes me feel that I’m getting closer to making the trip a reality. I know it’s not the same for everyone; budgeting can be a pain if you’re not the kind who likes […]

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From Polar Expeditions to Overland Trips: Which Adventure Tour to Choose?


As I discussed yesterday, tours aren’t all that bad — they can be great value for money, they get you to places that are otherwise difficult to reach, and most importantly, they connect you with like-minded travelers. Group tours these days are not just limited to whistle-stop sightseeing tours — they can range from active […]

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Why Taking a Tour is Not Such a Bad Idea

Why taking a tour (2)

Before starting this blog, I had never been on an all-encompassed group tour. I was a travel snob who loved independent travel and hated the idea of whistle-stop tours. Back then, I thought of tours as hoards of tourists cramped into a big coach, hopping on and off at typical sightseeing spots, and eating at […]

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Active Trip Ideas: From Hiking Glaciers in Iceland to Surfing Morocco

DSC00002 (6)

raveling isn’t all about beach bumming or lounging by the pool. Some people, including myself, prefer to explore a new destination in a more active way and explore the outdoor activities that the place has to offer. For the more energetic travelers out there, here are some of the best activity breaks I’ve sampled on the […]

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How to Plan Your Next Adventure — Tackling the Basics


Have a strong urge to head out and see the world but don’t know where to start? Whether you are planning your first RTW trip or just researching for your next epic trip, it can be quite daunting. I’ve compiled some basic tips for those who are looking for adventure but are unsure where to […]

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Win Travel Themed Products from Airportag!


*******This contest has ended. Congrats to Katie Hale for winning the giveaway!****** s a self-confessed travel addict, I’ve always been a fan of travel themed stuff — from world map decals to atlas necklaces. My home is decorated with antique globes, vintage airplane models, face masks and paintings I’ve collected from different parts of the world. […]

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5 Endangered Species Worth Traveling to See

Jaguar in the Grass

You know how much I love wildlife. I’ve traveled far and wide to catch a glimpse of animals in the wild — from seeing penguins in Antarctica to tracking gorillas in Uganda. Sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to see animals in the wild these days. Many species are now highly endangered due to the loss of […]

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How to Travel Responsibly

How To Travel Responsibly

As travelers, it is our responsibility to ensure the activities we engage in protect the environment and support communities. When traveling with an operator, we need to look beyond the eco-friendly claims, and ask what they are really doing to support the environment, local people, animals, and plants. Here are some tips to help you […]

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Why You Should Travel with Baby

Why You Should Travel With Baby

Many people don’t travel with kids because it’s troublesome, expensive, and they won’t remember it in future. And the list of excuses goes on… I think it’s bullshit. (Pardon my French!) Our four-month-old baby has already been on five road trips around Spain, and it’s clear that she loves it as much as we do. […]

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