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Learning to Kitesurf in Tarifa, Spain

Kitesurfing in the water

he wind is blowing strong and hard, tugging at my kite. Overhead, the sun’s rays are glaring and blinding my eyes. The wide, sandy beach stretches for miles and the cool waters of the Mediterranean are calling. I’m in Tarifa, trying my hands at kitesurfing, a sport I’ve long wanted to dabble in. For the [...]

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Best Destinations for Overland Travel: From East Africa to the Silk Road

On safari in Etosha

raveling overland is a fantastic way to really get to know a region. Watch the world fly by and sample every bit of it as you slowly weave your way through the back roads of a country. See what exists between the large towns and cities and the tourist traps and you’ll often be surprised [...]

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Glamping in an Airstream: Embracing a Bohemian Lifestyle

Alozaina, Malaga

t’s true what they say: It’s the people that make travel so enriching. Over the past decade or so, I’ve met many inspiring people on my travels who have interesting stories to tell. Trevor is one such person who made an impact on me. I recently met him when we rented his airstream, one of the [...]

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Traveling with a Baby — The Beach Holiday Edition

Family-friendly resort

You know how much I love adventures. I’m not someone who can lounge by the pool and do nothing for hours. But since having a baby, I’ve been craving to do just that — relax and kick back, enjoy the sun and do nothing. Perhaps it’s the stress and exhaustion that come with motherhood. Since the [...]

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From Nomad to Mother: A Personal Journey

Kaleya vs the world

ix months ago, my life was very different as what it is today. I was a full-time traveler, hitting the road at least once a month, to places far and wide — from Papua New Guinea and Antarctica to Iran and Mongolia. Last year alone, I went to 16 countries on four different continents. I [...]

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Staying in a Mongolian Yurt — What It’s Like

Gers in Karakorum

ention Mongolia and the traditional yurt often comes to mind. The two are so intertwined that you can’t talk about Mongolia and not mention the yurt. In fact, everywhere you go in Mongolia, you see yurts or “gers” as they are known in Mongolia. The word ger literally translates from the Mongolian language to mean “house” or “home.” About half of Mongolia’s [...]

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Canyons, Cliffs and Wildlife — Mongolia’s Gurvan Saikhan

Yolyn Am

Before my trip to Mongolia, I’d imagined vast swathes of deserts and empty steppes. It therefore came as quite a surprise when I found myself traipsing through varied landscapes that ranged from beautiful canyons to networks of caves and majestic mountain ranges. Here in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, a surprise awaits at every [...]

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The Golden Age of Travel: Then or Now?

... Nash Metropolitan

ecently, I wrote about the romance of travel and how it is long gone. Back in those days when flying was a luxury,  it felt like a privilege to be on a plane and flying was still new and exciting. Fast forward to today, flying has become just a mode of transport, a means to get to our destinations. Let’s not [...]

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Tripverse — Travel Planning Made Easy


ou probably know I’m quite a geek when it comes to travel technology and I love testing out smart new tools and sharing them with you here. Today I’m here to introduce to you another smart and fun travel tool that’s going to make trip planning a whole lot easier. TripVerse is an offline-readable travel plan viewer that allows [...]

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Volunteering Abroad: Projects Worth Checking Out

Green tree frog

olunteering abroad is a great way to travel and immerse deeply in local communities as well as doing some good if you choose your project wisely. Many people think that volunteering abroad is mainly focused around teaching, but there are lots of fantastic and surprising things you can do, from conservation to construction work. Below are [...]

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Living with Nomads in Mongolia

Our guide Amaraa scooping up airag

olooo!” Cheers! We clink glasses, and gulp down yet another round of airag, local Mongolian firewater prepared by our host. It’s barely 10am and we’re downing alcohol strong enough to knock us out for the rest of the day. It’s rude to reject their kind offer though, so I glug down the feisty-tasting liquor and pray [...]

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Photo Essay: Sand Dunes of the Gobi Desert

View from Khongoriin Els

s the wind blows, I hear faint music in the air. The whistling tune is a hypnotic and eerie one, and it seems to echo out of nowhere. I’m standing on the top of the highest sand dune in the Gobi Sand. So where is the music coming from? “From the sand,” my local guide Amaraa says. “They call this [...]

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Join Us on Our First #AdvTravelChat on Twitter!

Social Media (8)

I am very excited to announce that I’m joining forces with my friend Laurel Robbins from Monkeys and Mountains to launch our first ever #AdvTravelChat. Join us this Wednesday, 20th May, 6-7pm London time and 1-2pm New York time! The chat is all about adventure travel. Each month, we will have a different theme and we’ll ask [...]

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Is the Romance of Flying Gone?

Flying over the Himalayas

As a full-time travel writer and blogger, I travel a lot and spend almost 70% of my time on the road. Flying is by no means a mode of transportation for me. Sadly, I’ve become a jaded flyer these days. It’s become a way to get from one place to another. I don’t bother chatting with fellow passengers, and I don’t even [...]

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