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As a professional traveler, it’s safe to say I do quite a fair bit of traveling. When I have a trip planned, I spend most of my time researching for stories or interesting angles, and as little time as possible on booking flights and hotels. That’s why I only use the most efficient planning tools around, so trust me when I say this hotel booking site is worth checking out.

Yonderbound is part accommodation booking site, part Pinterest for travel. You can easily search from its database of 383,693 hotels/hostels across 192 countries, and pin the hotels that take your fancy into Yonderboxes which you can refer to later on or share with friends and travel partners.


How Yonderbound Works:

It works just like any other hotel booking site — you simply enter your destination, eg. Bali, the dates you’re looking for, and the number of people traveling. You can also narrow down your search and filter by Tripadvisor rating, freebies and of course price.

The engine will then come up with a list of accommodation options and you can then directly book on Yonderbound or click on the heart shape box in the top right corner to save in your Yonderbox.

What I Like About Yonderbound:

Organize your findings with Yonderboxes

This feature is definitely the key component that sets it apart from other hotel booking site. It makes trip planning more organized and a tad more fun.

Yonderboxes allow you to save hotels you’re interested in one place, categorizing them by destination with notes attaches. AND it saves all of your search history in one place. You’ll no longer have to open thousands of tabs or save hundreds of bookmarks!

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It’s easy to create a Yonderbox, you simply need to sign in using Facebook and voila! You can also add a description to the box, so people going to the same destination can easily find your Yonderbox.

You can also view other people’s boxes and steal their ideas. Basically, let someone else do all the hard work and hotel research for you!

Here’s a few of my Yonderboxes I created to provide you with inspiration:


Cheaper than other sites

Almost every single hotel booking website claims to have the cheapest prices. I’ve done a few rounds of research, comparing prices on Yonderbound with other sites like and Yonderbound usually comes up with around the same price, or around $10-20 cheaper per night.

Keep in mind that Yonderbound include all taxes and fees in their pricing! What you see is the total you need to pay. There are NO additional taxes to pay at checkout.

Connected to Tripadvisor

Most of us who book accommodation online want to know what others who have stayed there think of the property. I, for one, ALWAYS read reviews before booking a hotel. Yonderbound is linked to the most popular review site on the net, Tripadvisor, so you can actually read reviews of the hotel directly on Yonderbound without flipping back and forth between sites!


Allows you to earn credits

One of my favorite features on Yonderbound is the monetization platform: by creating Yonderboxes, you can actually earn credits for your next hotel booking.

For any hotel booking made through your Yonderboxes, 70% of the net revenue is credited back to you as Yondercredits. You can redeem your Yondercredits anytime to buy travel on Yonderbound. Click to find out more on how you can make money by making recommendations to friends and family.

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What I Don’t Like:

 As the website is still in beta phase, its database is still growing and its portfolio is expanding to cover more and more destinations. It may have over 383,693 hotels in its database and that sounds like a lot, but it’s not quite everywhere yet, and it’s a couple of hundred thousand shy of

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I have found that once you start searching for hotels in some lesser-known places, Yonderbound won’t be able to come up with anything.  For instance, I couldn’t find any hotels in Havana, Cuba or Kiruna, Sweden. That said, most hotel search engines would also fail you anyway.

The filter system also needs some improvement. There is no way to save your filters between searches. If I select my filters, but then change the dates of my search, I would have to select my filters again. It would be great to be able set up some default filters for all searches — because I almost ALWAYS look for hotels with free WiFi.


Yonderbound is still in beta and it will keep growing. They have big plans to expand beyond just accommodation. Soon you should be able to book other adventures like daytrips and food tours. So stay tuned and keep watching for more exciting developments on Yonderbound!

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Would you give Yonderbound a try after reading this? What website do you use to book accommodation? Share them with us!

Disclaimer: This post was produced as a collaboration with Yonderbound and it contains some affiliate links. As always, I only endorse brands and products that I have fully tested and support. All opinions remains my own.