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How to Travel More and Work from Anywhere

work from anywhere

Eight years ago, I was working in a bank. It was soul-crushing and suffocating. I hated my job and all I wanted to do was travel and work in something that I love. Fast forward to today, I get paid to travel to far-flung places like Antarctica and Zimbabwe, and I live the lifestyle I’ve […]

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Working Abroad: Volunteering vs Paid Work

School children in Cambodia

For those planning to travel for an extended period of time, finding work abroad can be an ideal way to immerse in local culture, gain some valuable experience and perhaps make some money along the way. Previously, we’ve already covered the topics of volunteering and other methods of finding work abroad, this piece takes a closer look […]

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How to Work in the Travel Industry

// Bitten by the travel bug and want to make travel your lifestyle? Or are you fresh out of college, ready to explore the world one inch at a time? Whether your dream is to travel for a living or simply build a new life abroad, you can work at making the dream come true.  […]

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8 Things I’ve Learnt While Living Abroad


// In the past 5 years, I’ve lived in various countries – from sun-kissed Miami to the cold winters of London and the tapas capital of Madrid, back in my hometown Singapore and now in Granada, Spain. Living abroad has never been easy; in fact it’s quite an emotional ride and a continuously steep learning […]

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Best Cities to Live in the World

From Asia to the U.S. and Europe, there are hundreds of cities that constantly attract new residents, thanks to low crime rates, quality of life and many other factors. Spending the past few years moving from one city to another, I’ve had my fair share of scouting for new nesting ground. Having picked up a […]

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How to Make Money While Traveling

how to make money traveling

Wanna travel for a long period of time but have no money to do so? No ideas how to sustain your finances on the road? There are tons of ways to refuel your travelling funds as long as you have the means to do so. From teaching English in Spain to working as a dive […]

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Moving on: A New Life


I hate this part: post-sojourning. You know the standard withdrawal symptoms –going back to a monotonous routine, feeling like an outsider at home, and basically, the unnerving blues. It’s almost like a drug addiction, you get the jitters and shivers, and your feet itch uncontrollably. Share Tweet +1 Stumble Pin ShareShares 0

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7 Steps to Sustaining Long-term Travel

long-term travelling

Having received several emails from my readers, about how I sustain my long-term travels, both financially and professionally, I figured I might just share some of my own experience with you. (Thanks for writing to me, keep them coming!) Truth be told, long-term travelling is not easy, but if you set yourself some rules, …

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How to Live & Work in the UK and Australia

Imagen 350

London always has this special place in my heart. Living and Working there allowed me to discover what I wanted in Life, and gave me  a push towards pursuing what I liked. It was the start of my journey away from home. Although I was never really a Harrods or English-tea-sipping kinda girl, I enjoyed […]

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Teaching English in Spain

Night view of Plaza Mayor, Madrid

While we’re on the topic of Making the Big Move, I thought I might share with you how I started teaching English in the saucy and vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid. Sassy and spirited, Madrid is just like a sultry Flamenco dancer – full of energy, passion and thirst for life. Teaching English here gave […]

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How to Take Baby Steps to Making the Big Move

Teaching in Tanzania

Through the past few years of moving from one city to another, many people have asked me these questions again and again, ‘How do you get all that money to travel?’, ‘Have you considered carefully about what it will do to your career?’ , and of course,’ What about your family and friends at home?’ […]

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Our second home – Granada, Spain

The Alhambra with the Albayzcin as its backdrop

Over the weekend, we went for a visit to Granada again. Each time, it feels like going back home, to a second home. Living in Madrid has made me miss home on some days, but Granada always manages to give me that sense of familiarity I yearn.  As we drove away, from the snow mountains […]

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