Video: Sandboarding on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

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Sand, sand everywhere. We were sliding, rolling, and literally swimming in sand on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique, and we felt like we were kids again, frolicking in a giant playground.

Massive sand dunes are piled sky-high on the eastern corner of Bazaruto, with many of them plunging vertically straight into the sea. Formed by the movement of the wind, these dunes are highly impressive, with some of them reaching up to almost 200 meters. From our base at Indigo Bay, we’d driven through thick shrubs, cactus palms, and even an oasis, to get to these mountains of sand.

As the largest isle in the archipelago, Bazaruto is located just 80 km the mainland, and yet it’s a world apart. Inhabited by only 3,500 people, it’s rarely visited by tourists and remains a stronghold of tradition for fishermen in the area. During our stay at Indigo Bay, we felt like we’d been cast away on a remote island, and yet creature comforts were never too far from our reach.

To get to Bazaruto Island, we’d flown over beautiful patches of indigo blue sea and beige atolls, with these towering sand dunes  looming over the coastline. That evening, we found ourselves literally walking up these giant mountains of sand, feeling the fine grains of earth between our feet. We carried our boards with us, then slided down the vertiginous walls of sand. I was nowhere as good on the board as Alberto was, but I still enjoyed the thrill of whizzing down the sand mounds and feeling the wind and sand on my face.

Here’s a short video that we took with our new GoPro on the sand dunes:


Disclaimer: Our trip to Mozambique was made possible by Indigo Bay (Rani Resorts) and Nicky Arthur PR, but as always, all opinions expressed above are our own.

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    i just want to say that Bazaruto Island is a very beautiful island. you should go there


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