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Introducing my new travel planning app: Tripverse!

You probably know I’m quite a geek when it comes to travel technology and I love testing out smart new tools and sharing them with you here.

Today I’m here to introduce to you another smart and fun travel tool that’s going to make trip planning a whole lot easier.

TripVerse is an offline-readable travel plan viewer that allows you to create and share your own itineraries or view itineraries created by other travelers in the community. Users enter the desired location or landmark in destination and TripVerse (via working with various API) automatically provides the address, phone number and a picture for easy identification.

TripVerse: A New Way of Trip Planning

Itinerary complete with addresses, maps, personalized notes and images can be accessed offline, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worrying about internet access. You no longer have to fumble through paper maps, search for WiFi or spend money on data roaming to access your travel plans.

Tripverse is currently available for free on iOS. The Android app is currently in development and is close to completion. Both mobile apps complement the TripVerse website (

How Tripverse Works:

Creating Your Own Itineraries

Once you sign up to TripVerse, you’ll see how easy it is to create your own itinerary and discover authentic itineraries that have been set up by other travelers.

To start planning your trip, all you need to do is click ‘create a trip’ on the top bar of the main page. Enter the location and write a short description of your trip. You can also upload a photo or link an image to the trip. If you don’t have a photo, images from flickr will be automatically added.

Once the trip is set up, you’ll be able to add activities. All you need to do is enter the activity name and the app will automatically provide the address, phone number, photo and even local tip. You can then organize your activities into day 1, day 2, etc.

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If you’re creating the trip on the TripVerse website, you can even see a list of suggested activities, divided into various categories — sights, arts, outdoors, food, coffee, shopping and nightlife. This is where you can get inspiration on what’s best to see and experience.


Trip Sharing

The app and website also allows you to explore and discover trips created by other travelers by searching for locations, keywords and duration of stay. It’s a great place to get inspiration and ideas for your next trip.

One major upgrade they recently built is the ability to share trip itineraries by copying the unique trip code and sending it to anyone with or without a TripVerse account. The trip code is a unique URL that anyone signs up through it will see the shared trip residing in their newly-created TripVerse account.

Each trip comes with three privacy settings, so you can decide who can see your itinerary:

  • Private – only the user can view the trip
  • Public – anyone can view the trip
  • Link share – only people with the trip URL or a unique trip code for each trip can see it


Using the Planner Offline

This is definitely the app’s selling point.

Once you’ve created the trip on your phone or through the website, you can then download the trip on your app to view offline. It’s as easy as clicking on the top right tab and choosing ‘download trip’. You can then get directions to the activities you want to do using the offline map.

At times when you’re out in nature or away from cell signal, you’ll still be able to use this app to help you find the hiking trail your friends recommended or the bookstore you read about online. There’s no need for a local SIM card or mobile internet devices, all you need is TripVerse.


My Experience Using TripVerse

I used TripVerse on a recent beach break in Costa Blanca, Spain and the app was definitely useful to help me navigate my way around while offline. It saved me tons of time trying to locate these spots on Google Maps as well as money on data. The only issue I found was that I needed to research before leaving for the trip so that I could add them to the app while online to save them for offline usage.

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For an upcoming weekend trip to Tarifa, I’m using TripVerse to plan things to do there — including a kitesurfing course, a walking route through the old town, and dining at the city’s most popular restaurants. I found it much easier to create the trip on the website before going to the app to download it, rather than doing it all on my iPhone as the app does not provide suggestions on sights and activities.

I also used TripVerse to plan upcoming trips to Greenland, Cyprus, Singapore and Maldives and definitely intend to use it on the road. You can follow me here and view my trips.


What I Like About TripVerse:

  • TripVerse is very simple, straightforward and easy to use. There are no complicated sidebars or features.  It’s very user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Once a trip is created, there are popup messages to guide you along. Even tech idiots will get a hang of using this easily.

  • To add photos to a trip, you can easily link to photos from your own website or photo gallery. If you don’t have a photo, images from Flickr will be automatically added.

  • Each activity that’s listed in the platform comes with a photo, description and tips. I love how users leave personal tips on what to order in a restaurant or what time’s the best to visit a particular attraction!

  • It’s fast to download a trip and then use offline. Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like to spend time planning and money on data roaming!

What I Don’t:

  • Because it’s a relatively new network, there aren’t many trips in the database. So if you want to explore other people’s trips and get inspiration, you won’t be seeing much.

  • It’s a very simple platform that has a useful purpose, but I would have liked to see more features. The founder did assure me that they are developing more features (see below).

  • It would be great if the suggested activities that appear on the website also work on the app — I find it troublesome to research on the net for activities before going to TripVerse to add them.

  • For now, the app caters totravelers who already have a good idea on what they want to see and do during the trip. It’s not really useful for sourcing inspiration or ideas.

  • TripVerse works best if you’re planning to travel to a city; it doesn’t really work for trips to the backcountry. I created a trip for Greenland but cannot find any activity to add into the app (this has more to do than Foursquare due than TripVerse).

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New Features

As mentioned, TripVerse is still in beta and it’s being developed and improved week to week. Here are some new features that they’re working on:

  1. Trip collaboration: Instead of being able to only view a shared trip, you can allow other people to add activities in your trip.
  2. Storytelling feature: Each activity can have multiple pictures attached (around 5) and each picture can have its own comment added to it. TripVerse will evolve to become part travel planner part journal.
  3. Increased interaction: Other users will be able to comment on the activities of a public trip in the form of annotations.
  4. Booking activities: Eventually, TripVerse will allow you to book flights, hotels, ground transportation, museum/show tickets directly from their app/site, so you can book everything you need as you plan your trip.

Join Me on TripVerse

All in all, TripVerse makes a useful tool for smart, modern travelers who like to plan their trip efficiently. You don’t need to be tech geek to use this app and it works wonders when you are on the road. If you are the type of traveler who wants constant access to your travel plans while on the go, then this definitely makes a great travel companion.

TripVerse is still in development stage and it will keep growing. For me it has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see how it evolves in future.

Sign up now and start planning your next trip!

Would you give TripVerse a try after reading this? What tools do you use to plan your trips? Share them with us!

Disclaimer: This post was produced as a collaboration with TripVerse. As always, I only endorse brands and products that I have fully tested and support. All opinions remains my own.