Traveling with a Baby — The Glamping Edition

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This is a part of my “traveling with baby” series to share our experience taking our new born baby on different types of trips around Spain this summer: from glamping trips to beach holidays. We hope to encourage you to show your baby the world too.

Camping is one of our favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve camped in many parts of the world — from the savannas of the Serengeti, to the dusty deserts of Turkmenistan and the jungles of Brazil. We see it as a way to connect with the surroundings and we love the simplicity and beauty that comes with camping.

But since we’re now traveling with our three-month-old baby tow, camping just isn’t quite the best option.

We still love sleeping under the stars though and we don’t want our lifestyle to change because of our baby. Besides, we want to raise her to become adventurous and not afraid to get down and dirty at an early age.

That’s why we decided to bring Baby Kaleya glamping on the past few trips.

Staying in a yurt with our baby

Why Glamping?

Glamping, posh camping – call it what you will. For us, it’s basically the perfect way to sample the outdoors without too much effort. You no longer have to sacrifice comforts or conveniences like electricity, proper beds with bed linen(!), en-suite showers, kitchens, wood burners — far more than the bare canvas basics. For those traveling with babies like us, you have all the conveniences of home at our doorstep, which makes feeding, diaper-changing and play time very easy.

There has been a huge rise in glamping holidays and such country getaways are getting more and more popular with families.This is the sort of holiday where you escape to the woodlands or meadows with beautiful views. sit around a campfire with wine and toasted marshmallows, go for long walks or hikes and watch the stars. There are many, many glamping sites in Spain and the rest of Europe, and they make for fantastic getaways.

These days, the variety of glamping experiences is amazing — and many of them are unique experiences that you won’t get at a five-star hotel. You can choose from a Mongolian yurt, a traditional shepherds hut, a spacious safari tent, a modern geo-dome, VW campervans or even a spectacular treehouse – kitted out for your family holiday or weekend break with the kids.

Choosing a Child-Friendly Glamping Accommodation

For our first glamping trip with our baby, we chose to stay in an Airstream converted into a comfortable space with five-star interior. Parked right in the woods surrounding the whitewashed village of Alozaina, Malaga, Glamping Airstream is a great spot to unwind and spend quality time with family.  The natural setting is ideal and  surrounding scenery stunning, plus there are plenty of nature trails and treks to be explored.

The Airstream itself is fully equipped with mod-cons like WC, shower, a comfortable double bed, dining area, sofas and flat-screen TV, air-conditioning and a complete kitchen. It’s absolutely self-sufficient and definitely glamping at its best. There’s also an outdoor deck right by the Airstream, where we could enjoy some sun on the lounge chairs and then take a dip in the plunge pool.

All weekend, we didn’t do much but relax. We spent long, lazy mornings in bed with our three-month-old baby, and then chilled outdoors by the plunge pool in the afternoons. We even found time to go on short walks in the forest and wander around nearby villages. In the evenings, we would make delicious steak in the airstream’s kitchen and eat under the stars. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect glamping spot.

Glamping Airstream

Another glamping experience we really liked was yurt camping in Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain. The luxurious accommodation at Yurts Tarifa  is a superb combination of the comfort of a hotel and the atmosphere of a hand-made yurt. Having designed and made the yurts themselves, the owners created their own version of the nomadic dwelling and enhanced it with a solid wooden structure, durable canvas and a design that resembles the Hobbiton!

Each of the three yurts is fully furnished with a comfortable double bed and two daybeds (that can also double as beds for the children) and decorated with Moroccan kilim carpets, rustic wooden side-tables and African handicraft. There is also a bathroom/shower block shared amongst the yurt guests, and a communal cooking area and terrace.  By night, the yurts and surrounding gardens are also lit up with LED fairy lights that create a whimsical atmosphere. Yurts Tarifa also prides itself for being eco-friendly by using solar and wind-generated electricity, their own water storage system, naturally-filtered toilets and their own organic farm.

It’s also a family-friendly place, where adults can easily relax in the gardens or go hiking in the surrounding Sierra de la Suerte, while your kids keep themselves entertained on the trampoline and in the gardens that have been fenced up to keep them safe. During our time there, we did a mixture of relaxing and exploring, spending a day learning to kitesurf in Tarifa, and the evening strolling through the quirky and vibrant streets of the surf town, and another day just chilling out with our baby and enjoying the countryside. We left feeling rejuvenated, well rested and happy.

Yurts Tarifa

Things to Consider When Glamping with a Baby

As I mentioned in my post on taking a baby on beach vacation, it is possible to enjoy a trip as long as you manage your expectations, plan ahead, and make some adjustments to your usual travel style.

Glamping is a great way to kick back, connect with nature and spend some quality time as a family.

For those who are planning on a country getaway with your baby, here are a few things you can do to make glamping with your baby a fun experience:

  • Choose your glamping site carefully. Canopy and Stars is a great resource to find and book glamping spots in Europe. Think about what kind of accommodation would best suit you and your family before booking. For a baby, it’s best to stay within proximity to a village or town, with access to a supermarket and clinic.
  • Check what facilities they have. Much like with hotels, you can often hire a high chair and travel cot for your tent/cabin (often with extra charge).
  • Find out what the weather will be like. Since you’re out glamping in nature, you will likely spend most of your time outside, so be sure to pack layers for your baby.
  • Be sure to keep your baby in the shade and protect him using water-resistant sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.
  • Create a home away from home. Make your baby feel at ease by finding a comfortable spot in the cabin/tent to feed her and bring her usual toys and blanket to create a familiar sleeping environment.
  • Stick to your baby’s routine. Let her take her usual morning nap and evening bath. If your baby’s bedtime ritual at home includes storytelling and a bottle, then do the same on holiday.
  • Plan activities around your baby’s schedule. My baby is usually very active in the morning, so we tend to play with her before going for a late breakfast.
  • Keep your baby entertained at the glamping site with her toys and books.

Baby Kaleya comfortable on her bed

Glamping is a great way to travel for new parents who want to spend some time in nature and keep the baby safe and happy at the same time! Don’t let a baby change the way you travel.

Disclaimer: Our stay was hosted by Glamping Airstream, Yurts Tarifa, and Canopy and Stars, but all opinions expressed above are our own.

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