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How to Travel More and Work from Anywhere

work from anywhere

Eight years ago, I was working in a bank. It was soul-crushing and suffocating. I hated my job and all I wanted to do was travel and work in something that I love. Fast forward to today, I get paid to travel to far-flung places like Antarctica and Zimbabwe, and I live the lifestyle I’ve […]

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10 Emerging Destinations For 2016

Emerging destinations

2016 Emerging Destinations Now that 2016 is almost here, it’s about time to start planning for some adventures in the new year. Do you already have some places in mind? We’ve already got some exciting travels planned for the new year and we can’t wait to explore! 2016 looks set to be another power-packed year of […]

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Which Nationalities have the Best Passports for Global Travel?

Passport chops

Does our passport determine how easy it is for us to travel?   I recently chanced upon an  an article on Singapore’s national newspaper The Straits Times, which shed some light on how easy/hard it is to travel for different nationalities. Global consulting firm Henley and Partners published a Visa Restrictions Index, ranking a total of 219 destination […]

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Winning Best Travel Blogger of 2012 Award!

December has been a great month as we’ve been blessed with one good news after another. After learning that our magazine is a finalist in the Digital Magazine Awards 2012, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve won the Best Travel Blogger of 2012 award from Holidays Extras! The Holidays Extras Customers’ Awards attracted votes from […]

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Promoting Green Travel: ‘Do Not Disturb’ Campaign

With Earth Day quickly approaching, our friends over at have launched an environmental campaign in a bid to do their part for our Mother Earth! This campaign aims to raise awareness and motivate travelers to make a change by taking most hotels’  linen and towel reuse program a step further. By leaving the “do […]

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Breaking the Travel Embargo: Iceland-bound!

At the end of August, I set myself a travel embargo – staying put at my home base in Granada, Spain and taking time off to reflect on my travels and putting things into perspective. It has done wonders to my wellbeing, both emotional and psychological. Now I’m ready to …

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My Travel Plans for Spring-Summer 2011

Icebergs in Alaska - hoping to see these in the Arctic!

The last few months have been a quiet one for me – as traveling took a backseat while I focused on writing. I started the year in Southeast Asia, before heading back to our base in Spain and hopping off on short trips around Europe. In the past month …

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Travel Tips: How to Find Mobile Internet Abroad

woman on beach working on  laptop against the sea

// As a travel writer who’s always on the go, being able to plug in and write wherever I am is essential. And in this era, I’m not the only one who finds mobile internet access an important tool. Many digital nomads and freelancers who work remotely depend on this modern technology for a living. […]

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Win Your Dream Itinerary!

White Beach

Everyone has a dream itinerary – whether it is two weeks of lounging around golden sands in the Caribbean, trekking through the Himalayas or castle-hopping in Europe. Mine has always been a jaunt in Africa that packs in all aspects that the continent has to offer: luxurious beach lounging, …

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7 Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World

Photo by

It’s that time of the year again. Sleigh bells, Christmas carols and Santa Claus – there’re always part of our Christmas celebrations. But did you know that in different corners of the world, Christmas is celebrated differently?  While I’m in Dresden, East Germany, celebrating Christmas with a good friend and playing with snow, …

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Is Travel Blogging Becoming a Cheap Marketing Stunt?

Thomas Kohnstamm - author of 'Do Travel Writers go to Hell'

Lately the travel blogosphere has been debating up a storm over the issue of ethics. Well, at least it started with that. Gawker posted a story about NY Times writer Mike Albo taking an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica, sponsored by Thrillist and Jetblue. The NY Times has strict rules prohibiting their …

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Celebrate Earth Day in Asia!

Today 22nd April marks the 39th year of the celebration of Earth Day. To continue to promote long-term changes in mindsets and lifestyles, the organisers have launched an ambitious ‘Green Generation Campaign’ that will hopefully motivate a bigger crowd to reverse the destruction of the environment. Events will be held all over the world from […]

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Peace Corps Volunteer Catherine Puzey murdered in Benin, West Africa

the late Catherine Puzey

It is extremely sad to hear the tragic news of  the death of a young Peace Corps volunteer, who had been volunteering in Benin, West Africa over the past two years. 3 days ago, the 24-year-old Peace Corps volunteer from Georgia named Catherine Puzey, was found dead outside her home in a remote, …

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Budget Airlines Around the World

budget airlines around the world

As air travel gets cheaper, budget airlines’ popularity is going sky high. Obviously, with airfares going as low as 10euros, who’s not snapping tickets fast especially in this economic recession? Although many budget airlines cut cost by doing away with inflight food(non-existent) and having tighter seat spaces, it hasn’t stopped travellers from taking them. If […]

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