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30 Things Only Travel Addicts Will Understand

Do you spend ALL your free time dreaming about travel? Are you one of those travel fanatics who start planning your next trip before your current trip even ends? Do all your stories start with “that one time when I was in…”?

From mastering airport security to learning to swear in a foreign language, you consider yourself a travel expert and plan everything else in your life around your travels. You love the adrenaline rush of making it to your flight just before the boarding gates close, and finding cheap food options is one of your strongest skills. You could probably populate a resume (or 10!) with just your travel experiences.

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to all of the above, then you’re officially a travel addict! If you’ve also fallen under the spell,  I’m sure you’ll identify with these 30 things that only travel addicts will understand.

1. Your friends complain that they never see you…because you’re never home.

Travel addicts

2.Your friends and family members constantly ask you for trip planning help and advice.

3. Your bookmarks online are all travel-related websites.

4. All of your profile pictures were taken in a different country.

My profile photos

5. Most of your free time is used planning a new adventure…

6. …or cooking exotic recipes you’ve learned around the world.

7. Nothing is more disappointing than not getting a new passport stamp when you enter a country.

My collection of passport stamps

8. When you visit a new place, you always have friends to meet up with who you’ve met on previous trips.

Making friends in Iran

9. Most of your stories start with “when I was in…”

10. You’ve mastered the art of sleeping on planes.

How to Stay Fit While Traveling

11. You’ve done so many adventure activities that nothing scares you anymore…

Bungee in NZ

12. …not even hostel bathrooms…

13. …or turbulent flights.

14. You are always blurping out random facts about places from all over the world.

15. You’ve slept on more hotel beds this year than in your own.

Would you choose to sleep here or at home?

16. You have more travel-sized toiletries than normal-sized ones.


17. All of your home decorations were purchased on your travels.

18. Everything you buy has to be light and “travel-friendly.”


19. You can convert between time zones as easily as counting to ten.


20. You are appalled by the prospect of checking in a bag.


21. You know how to say “hello” and “thank you” in multiple languages.


22. The desire to always be on the move has made you a little impatient.


23. You’re an expert in damage control and crisis aversion.


24. You’ve gone days without an internet connection because your location was too remote…


25. …and you’re okay with that.



26. When you’re not traveling, you are actively cutting down expenses and saving money for the next trip.

27. You collect something (postcards, ticket stubs, t-shirts, bracelets) from everywhere you go.


28. People ask you all the time how you’re able to travel so much.


29. You only buy things that are multi-purpose.


30. When you start talking or dreaming about travel, no one can stop you.


So, what’s the verdict? Do you have a major case of travel addiction?