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Hidden coves, a far-flung location, undiscovered deserted isles and unparalleled beauty – these are what most people look for in a honeymoon destination. The world is huge and there are tons of these secret corners around, if you know where to look. Forget Cancun, Maui and Venice, I’ve come up with these 6 uncommon honeymoon destinations that are loaded with cozy resorts, private bays and incredible natural beauty. At least we know where we’ll be honeymooning.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

1. Suriname

A country not many has heard of, Suriname is a slice of South America that is yet to be discovered by travelers. Perhaps  that’s what made this country an attractive honeymooning destination. As the only Dutch-speaking country besides Holland, Suriname is blessed with a bizarre mix of cultural traditions and colonial architecture. Thanks to a tropical climate, dense inland forests, this is the best spot for adventure travelers seeking something different.

unusual honeymoon destinations - suriname

2. La Réunion

This French island located in the Indian Ocean is sprinkled with tropical rainforest, active volcanoes and endless greenery. The island might be popular among French tourists, but it is still undiscovered by tourists from the rest of the world. Again for outdoor lovers who are into hiking, trekking and adventure travel, this might just be your paradise. You can easily visit Seychelles and La Reunion in one trip as they’re relatively near, to combine some island time with adventure.

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unusual honeymoon destinations - la reunion

3. Tunisia

In contrast with its limelight-grabbing neighbor, Morocco, Tunisia is not as well-known but has equally impressive Arabic souks, Muslim mosques and natural landscapes on offer. Get off the tourist trail and search for a calmer world here instead – honeymooners might like to get lost in the blue-and-white beach town of Sidi Bou Said (the Santorini of Tunisia) or relax on the Tunis Bay in the capital.

unusual honeymoon destinations - tunisia

4. The Philippines

A nation made up of over 7,000 islands stretching from northern Borneo to the south of China, the Philippines is often overlooked by travelers. Instead of Thailand, head out to the remotest Filipino islands and get the most out of the private setting, gorgeous backdrop and rich culture. Islands such as Palawan, Puerto Galera and Boracay are teeming with gorgeous sandy beaches and emerald green mountains. Expect to find Bora Bora-style water bungalows here, at half the price.

unusual honeymoon destinations - philippines

5. Palau, Micronesia

Another far-flung nation in the Pacific Ocean, Palau is as exotic as it can get. Rare orchids, plants and vines embellish the island’s lush jungle interiors. Palau is considered one of the world’s best dive locations with pristine coral reefs and proliferate marine life. It is also home to the Rock Islands, a unique phenomena of 485 jutting limestone islets. Its jellyfish lake offers an extraordinary experience like no other. Here’s a look at Palau in photos.

The Most Unusual Honeymoon Destinations