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Where to Find the Best Wine & Tapas in Barcelona

best wine tapas barcelona

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been having the Spanish fever lately, posting a lot of stories on Spain, my adopted home. Today we have a post from my friend Esme Fox, who lives in Barcelona. She’s my good friend and fellow travel writer who has a deep love for her adopted home. Here she shares tips […]

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Highlights of the WildJunket Tibet Tour

tibet tour

Here are some of the highlights of my first WildJunket tour, to Tibet! Interested to travel with me? Check out my other WildJunket Tours. Have you ever returned from a trip that was SO good that you wish it wouldn’t end and could just go on forever? My trip to Tibet was just like that. […]

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The Reality of Being a Travel Blogger

reality of being a travel blogger

So What’s This Job Really Like? For the longest time, I dreamt of traveling the world for a living. Every job I had – whether it was teaching English in Spain, working as an administrator in London or a banker in Singapore – had always been a means to save up for travel. In 2008, […]

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Why I Plan My Trips with TripVerse (and Why You Should Too!)

As a new media enthusiast and travel blogger, I’m a sucker for travel technology. I travel with a whole backpack of electronic devices and gadgets and I use just about any travel app that can help make my life on the road easier. As you probably know by now, one of my favourite travel apps […]

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Announcing the Launch of my Facebook Marketing Course

facebook marketing course

I’ve been working on a secret project for six months now and today I’m extremely excited to finally share the news with you! Today is the launch of my new Facebook marketing course: the Complete Facebook Marketing Course. The course has been created in collaboration with Travel Blog Success, the biggest travel blogging academy in […]

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Traveling Jamaica with Kids: Why the Island is Perfect for Families

jamaica with kids

For the longest time, Alberto and I dreamt of visiting Jamaica. He’s always been a reggae fan, and I’ve wanted to be a Rastafarian hippie and grow dreadlocks since high school. On one of our first dates, we danced to Bob Marley’s music in a bar and talked about going to Jamaica someday. Fast forward […]

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Retracing Slavery in Ghana

Retracing slavery in Ghana

Retracing Slavery in Ghana Crumbling colonial buildings and half-built concrete blocks jostle for space alongside congested and pockmarked sidewalks. Corrugated-roofed slums and hundreds of fishing boats dot the rubbish-strewn beach. The choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean slam against the rocky coastline where centuries-old slave forts still stand today. Jamestown, the oldest and poorest area […]

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Staying at the Hotel of Ice in Romania

Ice mountain and hut - hotel of ice in Romania

A Stay at the Hotel of Ice in Romania There is complete silence except for the occasional mountain wind blowing or ravens circling overhead. It’s like Narnia out here! Frozen icicles hang from granite rock cliffs, the light bouncing off the snow is blinding me, and the sounds of ravens flying above are echoing through the […]

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Our Family Trip to Lake Tahoe Captured by Flytographer

Lake Tahoe with Flytographer

As you can tell from this blog, we love taking photos when we travel. We’ve shot photos from all over the world – from Antarctica to Zimbabwe – but we’re embarrassed to admit that there are barely any decent photos of us together. Since Baby Kaleya came into our lives, it’s become even more important to […]

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Why You Should Hire Local Guides When Traveling

As an independent traveler, I like to experience each place on my own, in the most personalized and unique way. By traveling independently, I avoid hordes of tourists, whistle-stop sightseeing, and generic itineraries. This is easy when traveling to countries with a well-traveled tourist trail, but I love to get off the beaten track and have […]

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The Perfect Gift for Map Lovers (And a Giveaway!)

World map giveaway

I have a thing for world maps. I am so obsessed with maps that I’ve filled my house with maps of different sizes, designs and patterns. Our baby’s nursery is littered with globes and atlas, and an entire wall in our study room is dedicated to a world map marked with the places we’ve been. I even […]

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imikas money belt

Gear Review: ImiKas Money Belt

imikas money belt

etting pickpocketed is no fun – I would know, I’ve had my passport stolen right out of my bag before. Due to a stroke of luck, I was able to recover my passport within a few minutes, but had I not been so lucky, I would have had a truly scarring situation on my hands. […]

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30 Dreamy Photos of the Maldives

30 photos of Maldives

aldives is the stuff of dreams: spearmint blue water, powdery sand, swaying palm trees and ridiculously dreamy resorts. Perfect for a Maldives Photo Gallery. Having visited many island nations – Fiji, Hawaii, Mauritius, the Philippines, and more – I’m pretty hard to impress when it comes to beautiful beaches and pristine islands. But the Maldives definitely swept […]

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Staying in An Overwater Bungalow in Maldives — What It’s Like

staying in an overwater bungalow maldives

ith clear skies overhead and the shimmering aqua mint water beneath my feet, I’m sitting on the deck of our overwater bungalow, looking out to the sea that seems to sparkle in different shades of blue. The sound of the lapping waves is hypnotizing and the gentle sea breeze is slowly lulling me to sleep. […]

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