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Glamping Adventures: 5 Luxury Campsites Around the World


Recently I’ve had the chance to experience glamping at a few luxury campsites and they completely changed my perspective of sleeping in the great outdoors. The concept of glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. Sound a little like opposites? Think again. Getting down and dirty is no longer an essential part of camping. With […]

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Photo Essay: The Colors of Papua New Guinea

Flying over the fjords of Tufi

Known as the Land of the Unexpected, Papua New Guinea is indeed shrouded in mystery and packed full of surprises for those curious enough to see beyond the headlines. As a remote and largely unexplored country, Papua New Guinea is a hodgepodge of impenetrable jungles, ancient mangrove swamps, wide savanna grasslands. In the midst of […]

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Bhutan in Photos: from Lofty Mountains to Magnificent Fortresses

The tallest mountain in Bhutan

Interested in traveling Bhutan? Come travel Bhutan with me 11-13 December 2017, to witness the annual Druk Wangyel Festival! Entrenched within mighty mountain chains and surrounded by Buddhist myths and legends, Bhutan still remains shrouded in mystery. Having only opened its doors to international tourists in 1974, the country has come a long way in […]

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors in West Sweden’s Lake District, Dalsland

Endless greenery in Dalsland

Swathed in acres of untouched forests and endless lakes, the province of Dalsland is a vast wilderness area that sprawls across the inland region of West Sweden. Known as Sweden’s lake district, Dalsland is covered with more lakes than almost any other Swedish province. It’s also home to the famous Dalsland Canal, a massive waterway that connects a labyrinth of large […]

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Getting Up Close and Personal with the Moose – Sweden’s National Symbol

Thor when lying down

On our last trip to the Swedish Lapland, we heard plenty about the country’s moose, but never had a chance to see them. This time round, by sheer coincidence, we chanced upon a moose park at Dalslands Aktiviteter and found ourselves getting up close and personal to these gentle giants. These moose, known as the national […]

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A Glimpse of Nicaragua’s Flora and Fauna in San Juan del Sur

Over the Trees

I could hear the sound of waves crashing onto the beach which wasn’t too far, but I could also hear the calls of the howler monkeys, who always seemed to be hiding within the branches of the high trees. Underlying their distinct howl was the jungle orchestra: crickets chirped while frogs croaked. Colorful mud crabs […]

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Highlights of Nicaragua: From Lakes to Volcanoes

On a Branch

As a country steeped in nature and wilderness, Nicaragua is most famed for its multitude of lakes and volcanoes. I wasn’t aware of how prominent these two features would be until my recent visit. While in Nicaragua, I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes, the features that characterize this country as so. […]

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A Photo Essay of West Sweden

Nordic town of Lysekil

Greetings from Sweden! We are currently in the lake district of Dalsland in West Sweden, getting out and about in the vast lakes and endless pine forests. Over the week, we’ve had amazing experiences in different corners of the region — from kayaking and camping on our own island in the Bohuslän region and fishing for crabs in the shellfish capital of Grebbestad, […]

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To the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua-4-2

Our web editor Elica Sue is off to visit Nicaragua on behalf of WildJunket! Here, she shares what she’ll be up to. After an extended academic calendar dipped into my summer, I’ll have the opportunity to visit a part of the world I’ve always wanted to visit: Nicaragua, also known as the land of lakes and […]

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Photo Essay: Croatia’s Stunning Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes 1

You hear them before you see them. Hundreds of waterfalls cascade from various heights in different corners of the impressive Plitvice Lakes National Park in central Croatia.  The emerald water shimmer and sparkle even from a far distance, reflecting the sun’s rays like a reflection. Thick beech and fir trees sprout out from the sides […]

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Waterfalls and Lush Jungles: Fiji’s Garden Island, Taveuni

Driving on the roads of Taveuni

By Day Four of our heritage cruise voyage, our luck with the weather gods had run out. That morning, we awoke to pouring tropical rains and a sky covered with thick dark grey clouds. The island of Taveuni appeared outside our window, its silhouette shrouded in a blur of trickling rain. Rugged and green, Taveuni is known […]

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Digging Beneath the Surface: Getting to Know the Central Australian Desert

Alice Springs Desert Park

Mention Australia’s Red Center, and the vast, red desert immediately comes to mind. When we set off for Australia last October, the desert was one place we really wanted to see and explore. So it was with much excitement when we found out that we didn’t have to venture far to explore the Australian desert. […]

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Out And About: Hiking and Biking on the Caribbean Island of Nevis

Nevis from the sea

Dry pastureland sprawl across the slopes of the hill while prickly plants and cotton trees fill both sides of the trail. On our left lies the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, as its dark blue waters lap onto the empty shores of the island. To the right, Mount Nevis looms overhead, reaching over a […]

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Highlights of Colombia: From Coffee Farms to Colonial Cities


During my jam-packed week in Colombia, I was lucky enough to explore its mountains, valleys, and coasts. Bogotá was a blend of modern high-rises and a booming nightlife with slums stacked in the mountains surrounding it. Just outside the city, in the town of Zipaquirá, secrets were hidden underground in the mysterious Salt Cathedral. The […]

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Exploring Colombia’s Cocora Valley by Jeep


Salento’s main square sits at the foot of a hill, surrounded by colonial buildings-turned-cafés and oblea carts selling wafers dripping with caramelo. A child throws a handful of rice in the air and pigeons appear seemingly from nowhere, cawing and diving for their treat. At the head of the square, several jeeps of different colors […]

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