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Three Days in Beijing: My Recommended Itinerary

three days beijing itinerary

On my recent trip to Tibet, I made a short stop in Beijing before catching the train to Lhasa. It was my third time in the Chinese capital, but it still blew my mind. Here’s why. Traditional yet vibrant, Beijing is a city that encapsulates the spirit of China perfectly with a slew of ancient […]

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How to Travel Tibet — A Complete Guide

A detailed travel guide to Tibet: from visa requirement to safety. Tibet is called the ‘Roof of the World’ for good reason: With an average elevation exceeding 4,500 metres (14,800 ft), the Tibetan Plateau is sometimes the world’s highest and largest plateau, with an area of 2,500,000 square kilometres (about five times the size of […]

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First-time Travel to Tibet: Things to Know Before You Go

travel to tibet

Tibet for First-Timers and Things to Know Before You Go Monks, monasteries and mountains — Tibet is a spiritual place that has the power to move even the most hardened traveler. This remote, far-flung region is seemingly in a world of its own, with fabled villages tucked between some of the highest mountains in the world, […]

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Pictures of Tibet: the Roof of the World

pictures of tibet - everest base camp

A look at some of my best pictures of Tibet: from its landscapes to people. Tibet is called the ‘Roof of the World’ for good reasons: With an average elevation exceeding 4,500 metres (14,800 ft), the Tibetan Plateau is sometimes the world’s highest and largest plateau, with an area of 2,500,000 square kilometres (about five […]

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Highlights of the WildJunket Tibet Tour

tibet tour

Here are some of the highlights of my first WildJunket tour, to Tibet! Interested to travel with me? Check out my other WildJunket Tours. Have you ever returned from a trip that was SO good that you wish it wouldn’t end and could just go on forever? My trip to Tibet was just like that. […]

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Join the WildJunket Tibet Tour!

tibet tour - wildjunket

Join Me on My New Tibet Tour! Do you like traveling adventurously to less-visited places but don’t like going solo OR going on tours? Believe me, I get it. I like independent travel, but I don’t particularly enjoy traveling solo. I also enjoy traveling with like-minded people and forming a camaraderie with people whom I […]

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10 Most Visited Countries in the World 2015

10 most visited countries in the world

Most Visited Countries in the World 2015 ourism is a major industry in many parts of the world and it’s changing many people’s life — for the better. In some of the most visited countries in the world, the tourism industry plays an enormous part and supports a big population. Thankfully, worldwide tourism is on the […]

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7 Off-Track Countries that Are Worth Checking Out

Tbilisi, Georgia

There are many well-known tourist destinations in the world, and they’re popular for good reason. But, imagine having incredible local experiences, lazing on world-class beaches, and exploring untouched terrain…with hardly a tourist in sight! Getting off the beaten path once in a while is something that every traveler should aim to do, the experiences you’ll […]

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WildJunket Magazine Winter Issue Out Now!

We are back after a long break! Our last issue was a Wildlife Photography Special edition where we brought you the best of our wildlife images. Hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t downloaded it, just subscribe here to receive a free copy. In this winter issue, we’ve lined up plenty of stories from snowy […]

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10 of the Best Spots for White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting - 14

Paddling over whirlpools of turbulent water and watching the landscapes go by can be such an adrenaline rush. Aside from the high energy buzz, white water rafting also makes for an exciting way to explore and immerse deeply in the backcountry. What better way is there to see the Grand Canyon than by riding along […]

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Photoblog: Floating Above the Clouds on Mount Emei

Peak of Mount Emei

Thick, white clouds surround us almost as if we are floating above them. All the concrete of the city have disappeared beneath us, under that layer of marshmallow white clouds. There are only the soothing sounds of chanting prayers echoing in the distance. At 3,099 meters above sea level, all we see in the horizon […]

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6 Months in Asia

From January to July, we spent six months traveling all over Asia, from the sizzling heat of Myanmar to the regimented air of North Korea. It was quite the journey as we trotted from one country to the next, with our laptop and camera in tow. From the hot sultry islands of the Philippines, we hopped over to […]

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Photoblog: The Ancient Town of Huang Yao in Guilin, China

Ancient town of Huangyao

While in Guilin, China, we had the chance to visit Huang Yao, a 1,042-year-old town with beautifully-preserved remnants of the past. The time-warped, ancient city is a labyrinth of narrow streets and brick-laid houses, with giant marble paving the walkways and red lanterns hanging from the ceilings. Chinese inscriptions that had been carved into the […]

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A Story On Rice Planting and Learning About Life in Yangshuo, China

sunset at the rice fields

“Is this your first time planting rice?” said our host Mr Pan, a farmer from the rural outskirts of Yangshuo, Guilin. The grey-haired farmer, in his sixties, found it hard to comprehend how anyone could not have planted rice before. We giggled amusingly, slipped off our sandals and dug our feet into the wet, soggy […]

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World’s Tallest Buddha Statue: Leshan, China

Buddha and pilgrims

On our recent tour of China, we had really wanted to explore more of Sichuan not just for the spicy foods the province is famous for and the pandas in Chengdu, but also for the Leshan Giant Buddha – which at 71 meters (233 feet) tall, is the tallest Buddha statue in the world. Helmed by imposing peaks and gushing water, the […]

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