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The Best of Street Art in Cyprus

As you probably know by now, I’m a fan of street art. I love tracking down street art around the world.  There’s just something about these urban art that makes you think.

In recent years, street art has evolved into something more than just graffiti. It’s now a revered form of urban art that’s now appearing on the streets and walls of cities all around the world.  It’s bold, brash and artistic, and most of all, street art is a form of expression and often has an underlying message of political and societal context.

On my recent trip to Cyprus, I was really surprised to find edgy works of art splashed across the walls of its cities. Here are some of the more outstanding street art I found mainly in Nicosia and Larnaca.

Unlock Cyprus - street art cyprus Unlock Cyprus – symbolic of people’s yearning for reunification.

A political graffiti in Nicosia - street art cyprus Politics often come into play in these street art.

These walls are often used as outlets of creativity.

An elaborate animation painted on a wall in Larnaca's Old Town - street art cyprusThis particular artwork, in my opinion, is the most outstanding piece in Larnaca’s Old Town.

Don't you think these artwork are very thought-provoking? - street art cyprusDon’t you think street art is very thought-provoking?

Even Bruce Lee makes an appearance - street art cyprusven Bruce Lee makes an appearance on the walls of Cyprus.

Graffiti can give a city so much soul.Graffiti can give a city so much soul.

More psychedelic graffiti - street art cyprusThere’s always a story behind every artwork.

I wonder what the artist was thinking when he painted this street art in Cyprus? Is it a portrait of himself?Wonder if this is a portrait of the painter…

Spunky works of art - street art cyprusSome art work has the power to convey humor.

Disclosure: Part of this trip was organized by Visit Cyprus. They kindly helped us with our itinerary and provided accommodation. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.


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