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If you’re abroad more often than you’re home, find yourself buying shampoo in carry-on sizes, and your digestive system has become immune to street food, it’s highly possible that you’ve been bitten by the travel bug. For those who have caught it, travel stops being a way to get from Point A to Point B and becomes a rush triggered by airplanes, time changes, and the sound of foreign languages.

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20 Signs You Are Addicted to Travel

Don’t panic – review the following symptoms to diagnose your travel addiction:

1. You can’t stop planning your next travel destination – even when your boss might walk by your desk and catch you skiving.

2. You have mastered how to pack your life into a backpack.

3. You find yourself converting prices into different currencies.

4. You think portable tap water and fully-functioning toilets are great novelties.

5. Your suitcase is never fully unpacked.

6. The majority of your paycheck goes towards funding your next trip.

7. Home is more of a pit stop than a permanent destination.

8. Your bucket list consists mainly of places to go rather than things to do.

9. You can pack your bags in five minutes flat.

10. You can swear in several languages.

11. Having no travel plans makes you antsy.

12. Your daily routine includes checking travel websites and blogs.

13. You have learned to sleep pretty much anywhere – on a plane, in a car, on a train…

14. Being jetlagged has become the norm for you.

15. You’ve figured out which airports are smooth sailing and which to avoid.

16. You plan your life around your upcoming trips.

17. Your friends say you could put a down payment on a house with the money you spend on traveling, but you can’t figure out why anyone would want a house in the first place.

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18. You’ve learned how to brew coffee in at least five different ways (one which may or may not include a sock).

19. Sprinting to catch trains and airplanes has left you fit enough to run a marathon.

20. You’ve gone skinnydipping in all five oceans.

If you can relate to the signs listed above, chances are that you’ve got a veritable travel addiction. In that case, hurry up and pack your bags before your family can slow you down with an intervention!

Which signs can you relate to? Are there any others that deserve to be added to the list?

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