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Photoblog: Old Meets New at Cardiff Bay, Wales

Cardiff bay, Wales

Strolling through the languid streets of downtown Cardiff, it’s hard to believe that this calm city is the capital of the country. Wales, being the brother of England, is a country on its own, distinctive in culture, landscape and history. Yet not many people know this. Perhaps that’s …

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The Welsh Showdown: Making Paper out of Sheep Poo

Sheep Poo Paper from Wales

It definitely doesn’t get more bizarre than this: seeing heaps of sheep poo converted into thick sheets of recycled paper. And that’s not just it. We are getting down and dirty and trying our hands at making sheep poo paper ourselves. It’s Day 4 of …

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Greenery, Cliffs and Beach Towns of Ireland

green fields of County Clare

In a country like Ireland – sprawled with patchworks of greenery and rural life – a driving trip would be the best way to explore its countryside and cities, and get a real taste of the country. As a relatively small nation, driving distances from one attraction/destination to the next are usually not …

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6 Ideal Driving Tour Destinations


// Imagine cruising along the coastal highway and getting to your destination just in time for sunset – driving tours often give travelers the kind of freedom and flexibility that you can’t get while backpacking. They allow you to explore at your own leisurely pace, in the comfort of your own vehicle. There are plenty […]

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Best Budget Ski Destinations in Europe

best budget ski destinations europe

Best Budget Ski Destinations — Europe Skiing on the cheap, really? In Europe? No, I’m not kidding. Look harder and you’ll find several budget options that can make the stingiest of all skiers a happy man. Forget about the Alps, look towards Central and Eastern Europe where small but economical ski stations hide under thick […]

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Culture: Street Performers in Madrid

Street performer on his trumpet in downtown Madrid

// Buskers rule in Europe, especially in Madrid where artists, musicians and hippies take to the streets. Take a stroll around downtown Madrid on a Sunday and you’ll see the vibrant busking scene come alive. During a recent weekend stay in Madrid, we relived those days spent wandering through its labyrinth-like downtown while living in […]

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8 of the Best Beaches in Europe

// I’m dipping my toes in crystal clear waters while my hair gets powdered up with fine sand. I’m in Europe – no castles or cathedrals, just enjoying the sun on a slice of paradise. Whether it’s a secluded bay with emerald surfs slamming on sandstone cliffs, or wide stretches of golden sand glimmering with […]

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Guest Post: Lanzarote’s Historical Background


As I spend the week traversing volcanic paths and soaking up some sun at Los Zocos Resort, on the island of Lanzarote, fellow travel author Nick Ball has offered to share some background on Lanzarote’s entangled past. Nick is proud to call Lanzarote home and is the author of Lanzarote Guidebook, a free …

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Volcanoes and Modern Art: Lanzarote

View from our balcony

I woke up this morning with the view of a looming volcano ahead. We are at Los Zocos Club Resort the Spanish island of Lanzarote. Although we’re not on the seafront, our balcony opens up to a view of the estate’s pool and a towering volcano in the background. Not bad at all. …

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Driving Abroad: Tips and Anecdotes


// Whether we’re backpacking or vacationing, renting a car when travelling is always a thrilling experience for us – my partner loves the excitement of driving in foreign land while I enjoy navigating unfamiliar streets. Adapting to the local drivers’ habits (like cutting 5 lanes at a time in Yogjakarta) is always part of the […]

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El Berguedà: Adventures in the Catalunya Mountains

View from Rasos de Peguera

For mountaineering enthusiasts and alpine experts, El Berguedà is a perfectly sculpted mountainous region where adventure and tranquility go hand in hand. Just 1 and a half hours away from Barcelona, El Berguedà is the quieter alternative to the Pyrenees – no traffic or crowds, just the rolling mountains and misty horizons …

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Photoblog: Winter in Barcelona


Barcelona: Sun-lit boulevards, fancy beach bars and multi-colored mosaic art – it’s a summer lover’s haunt. It’s extremely popular with travelers in summer, thanks to its excellent weather, a great beach right in the heart of the city and the hot hot hot Spanish culture. On day one of the Catalunya Experience (hosted …

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Caribbean Beach Towns in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Cancun beach

Entering the last leg of our trip through Latin America, we’d been looking forward to some long overdue bumming. Enough of the heavy backpacks and volcano-climbing, it’s time to play tourist. Crossing over from Corozal, Belize, we headed into Mexico, rented a car and hit the coastline. Enroute to our final destination, …

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Sandboarding in Huacachina

Oasis of Huacachina

// A magical oasis hidden amidst huge towering sand dunes, Huacachina is almost like a modern-day hideaway that few know about. Those who do swear to keep it a secret, and honestly I’m not sure what I’m doing here divulging this traveler’s secret to the world. After all, it’s a paradise that’s one in a […]

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Horse-riding in Cordoba, Argentina


// Riding through the wilderness, rolling hills and streams of Unquillo, we had an amazing time soaking in the stunning views of the Sierras Chicas (mountain chain) and feeling our way through the quaint pueblos (villages) scattered around the countryside. Unquillo lies on the outskirts of the Córdoba city. The city of Córdoba is the […]

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