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5 Classic Christmas Destinations

New York Times Square

// Where will you be spending Christmas this year? As a modern-day nomad, I’ve spent the past few Christmases in various corners of the world– from New York to London, Madrid, East Germany and this year back home in Singapore.  Each destination has its own unique Christmas flair and offer a different experience. Today’s guest […]

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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Freedom to Travel!

// Prior to a long-term backpacking journey, there are plenty of preparations to be made – from buying bargain airfare to booking hostel accommodation and getting the right travel gear. Besides the essential items, you’ll need to keep in mind some health and safety precautions especially if you’re traveling to far-flung remote places. Many travelers […]

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Photoblog: The Moroccan Seaside in White and Blue

Panorama of Asilah

// Approaching Asilah from far, we see a jumble of square buildings topped with blue domes, enclosed within the sand-colored Medina walls. Reflecting the colors of the balmy sea, the town of Asilah is bathed in a blanket of white and blue, dotted by the occasional brown brick houses and honey-colored mosques.Men with burly beards, […]

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5 Ideal Road trip Destinations

// Growing up in a big city and being confined to urban life in my teenage years, I got my first taste of road-tripping during my tertiary years in Miami. And I never looked back since. Cruising along miles and miles of freeway, feeling the wind in my hair and singing to rock music with […]

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6 Types of Wildlife Safaris

types of wildlife safari

Getting up close and personal to wildlife and nature is an experience unlike no other. As a huge fan of wildlife-watching, I like to seek out far-flung corners of the world to mingle with wild animals, be it brown bears in Alaska or blue-foot boobies on the Galapagos Islands. Each of them provide a different […]

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Budget Travel: Beating Student Holiday Blues

// It’s that time of the year again – school’s over and it’s time to let your hair down, hang out and perhaps do a bit of traveling if your pocket can afford it. Looking at your dwindling bank account, is that even possible? Today’s sponsored post is going to help you beat those blues […]

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8 Things I’ve Learnt While Living Abroad


// In the past 5 years, I’ve lived in various countries – from sun-kissed Miami to the cold winters of London and the tapas capital of Madrid, back in my hometown Singapore and now in Granada, Spain. Living abroad has never been easy; in fact it’s quite an emotional ride and a continuously steep learning […]

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10 Unusual Cruise Holidays


Since we’re on the topic of cruising lately, this week’s sponsored post features more cruise holidays – but these are not your average holiday cruises. Imagine lounging at an ice bar, go surfing or goof around on a bungee trampoline – all onboard your cruise ship. For the non-cruise …

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A Quick Guide to Moving Abroad

Volunteering abroad - WildJunket

// When traveling no longer satisfied my craving for a deeper understanding of foreign culture and lifestyle, I moved. 16,979km away, to Miami. Then home became London, Madrid, Singapore and now Granada. Living abroad has fed my curiosity and thrown me challenges I’d never encountered during short-term travel. I got to experience these countries inside […]

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6 Ideal Cruising Destinations

Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

// As an active, shoestring traveler, I’d never liked the concept of cruising: massive hordes of tourists docking at a tourist town with very limited time to explore a city thoroughly. But a recent wilderness cruising experience in Southeast Alaska (on a small ship of 20 pax) changed my mind. Cruises can be a rather […]

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9 Indulgent Designer Hotels for Label Lovers


// This week we’re going to step off the wild and adventure travel trail and head down the swanky alley of elegant , luxury travel. Today’s sponsored post brings us through 9 distinguished designer hotel chains around the world that pampers you like a princess, in a setting fit for royalty. So suit up and […]

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The World’s Most Secluded Islands


// Lounging on an empty beach floored by soft, white sand to find only your own footprints trailing behind you: that’s many travelers’ dream – but does that paradise really exist? This week we take a look at far-flung isles that might just make the cut to become some of my fantasy islands. We swing […]

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Off the Beaten Trail: 6 Unconventional Treks

atlas mountain trek

// Since I last wrote about 7 of the Best Trekking Destinations in the world, I’ve had many more trekking suggestions from readers and expert trekkers/climbers. Several of these treks are extremely challenging and clearly off the beaten path. Since part of the thrills of adventure travel comes from seeking unexplored corners of the earth, […]

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Top 5 African Countries for Wildlife Watching

top african countries for wildlife

// As a huge fan of wildlife watching, I’ve spied on a leopard up close in the Serengeti National Park, observed sea lions on the Galapagos Islands and tip-toed around a snoozing koala bear in Melbourne, Australia. Being able to observe wildlife in a natural setting is a rare, unique and one-in-a-million experience. Out of […]

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Dublin’s Top Attractions: Voted by Twitter Travelers!

Guinness Store House Dublin

// In a few days’ time, I’ll be off to Ireland on a whirlwind media trip, starting my journey in Dublin. As the most visited city in Ireland, Dublin is packed with intriguing sights and most of all, atmospheric pubs. I’ll be spending most of my time in its old city center, where most hotels […]

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