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The lush jungles beneath our feet sparkled in different shades of green, while the lapping water off the coast slowly merged from bright spearmint to dark navy blue color. All along the coast, the powdery sand and rocky outcrops made a sharp contrast against the turquoise waters. So raw, rugged yet inviting.

On my recent trip to Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to catch a scenic flight over the southern end of the island with Cinnamon Air — the view of Sri Lanka’s lush jungles and busy coastline truly blew my mind.

There are many things to do in Sri Lanka, and this scenic flight was my absolute favorite. 

The minute our Cessna 208 seaplane took off from the water runway of Koggala Airport, my window was framed with acres upon acres of greenery spreading into the vast distance. The landscape slowly transitioned from lime green coconut groves by the coast to brownish rice terraces further afield and dark green rainforests up in the highlands.

Once we closed in on the coast, the stunning beaches and colonial coastal towns that the island is so famous for came into full view. We flew over white Buddhist stupas that poked above the forest canopy and groups of fishermen rowing in their traditional wooden boats. From above, the colonial town of Galle looked incredibly beautiful with historical architecture enclosed within a pentagon that jutted out into the sea.

For a visual feast of Sri Lanka’s southern coast from above, here are some photos I took from the scenic flight:

Photos of Sri Lanka

The turquoise waters off Koggala

The spearmint blue color of the coastline made it very inviting.

The lush greenery of Sri Lanka

Lush green jungles and rice paddies sprawled across the island.

Jungles and rainforests

More coconut groves and farmlands.

Arriving at the coast of Koggala

Lapping waves off the southern coast.

The coast of Galle

Rugged rocky outcrops and Buddhist stupas characterized the coastline.

The colonial town of Galle

Flying very coast to the colonial town of Galle.

Above the Galle fort walls

From above, the layout of Galle was truly impressive with beautiful historical buildings enclosed within the pentagonal fort.

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Here’s a video I snapped during take-off:

Trip Details:

Cinnamon Air is a premier domestic Sri Lankan air taxi service offering daily scheduled flights, as well as luxury private charter flights and scenic flights, between its hub at Colombo International Airport and other parts of the island.

As travel distances on the island can be long, the affordable domestic flights that Cinnamon Air offers can help you save plenty of travel time. Their schedule has been tailored to mesh with the departure and arrival times of SriLankan Airlines and all major international airline services.

This seaplane flight can be booked directly on The flight takes around 20 minutes and availability depends on weather and wind conditions. You can also book any of their domestic flights through their website.

Cinnamon Air seaplane Cessna 208

Disclosure: This flight was kindly made possible by Cinnamon Air and Cinnamon Hotels, but all opinions above are my own.