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As a social media junkie, I’m hooked to #FriFotos, a weekly themed Twitter chat that gets travelers sharing their favorite photos from around the world. It’s armchair travel at its best – just follow the #FriFotos hashtag on Twitter to see the smorgasbord of photos and join in! In line with this week’s #FriFotos theme, we’re going back in time to dig out those special moments in our travel memories.

In retrospect, we’ve had plenty of special moments throughout the ten years that we’ve traveled together – from the days we backpacked around Europe to learning the trials and tribulations of living abroad to most recently, our wedding. Special moments are those that mark a milestone or result in a change – be it in our way of thinking, career or simply perspective of life. Moments that stand out from the rest. Memories that literally mark the start or the end of an era. So without sounding too much like a drama queen, I’m taking the path down memory lane to bring you photos of our special moments:

Volunteering in A Village in Tanzania

This has always been one of my favorite photos. Volunteering for four months in Bomang’ombe, Tanzania, taught us many life lessons – and opened our minds to new perspectives. If I had to choose just one experience that changed my life completely, it would be this. Days were spent playing football with our students, chitchatting with the girls and teasing the boys. We bonded so well, I could barely tear myself away from them. This photos was taken by Alberto one day after school; it fully captured that special moment – all of their warm smiles, hopeful eyes and love.

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Hiking to the Falls in Kakadu, Australia

It was one of those moments when I felt as if I owned the world. After trekking all day from dawn till daybreak, we’d finally arrived to the Motorcar Creek Falls deep in the outback of Kakadu National Park, Northern Territories. I was exhausted but I also felt empowered, like I could do anything in the world. It was at that point too, that I fell hard for adventure and adrenaline – I haven’t looked back since.


Writing A Guidebook in Guatemala

This marked the start of my travel writing career – an important milestone in my life. We’d traveled to Guatemala for a guidebook writing course – there, I learned all the basics of travel writing and picked up all the tricks of the trade. After the course, I was asked to stay and do some research around the country to write their first edition guidebook on Guatemala. It definitely changed my life in a powerful way – and there’s no better photo show that special moment. We were at Semuc Champey, having so much fun diving off the pools – and at this particular point,  I remember thinking to myself, What a cool job I have!

Playing with Sealions on the Galapagos Islands

If you read our blog regularly, you’d know that I’m a big wildlife fan. It was on the Galapagos Islands that I first fell in love with wildlife. When we arrived on Santa Cruz, we eagerly headed out to the pier for a look and lying just inches away from us was a sealion – so gentle and sweet, it was hard to resist the temptation to cuddle up close to it. Over our week-long stay on the island, we made it a point to go visit our friend at the pier every day – it would be there without fail, snoozing away, opening its sleepy eyes once in awhile and then nodding back into dreamland… It literally changed the way I looked at wildlife.

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Seeing Icebergs in Alaska

I’d always been a worshipper of the sun and hot climate – having grown up on a tropical island – and I usually steered clear from places  associated with cold weather. But when I had the opportunity to go on a press trip to Alaska in August 2010, sailing through narrow fjords, cruising amidst icebergs and hiking on glaciers – all that  changed me. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I’ve since ventured on to Iceland and even the Arctic – sub-zero temperatures didn’t scare me anymore.

Sunset in Madagascar

Last summer, Alberto and I went off to the remote island of Madagascar to get away from civilization – for weeks, we had no internet access and cellphone signals, and we were truly happy. We let our hair down and thoroughly enjoyed being cut off from the world – camping out in the forest, wandering through isolated villages and driving along dirt tracks that led us deep into the island. It was also then that Alberto realized how much he loved traveling and how much he wanted to lead a life on the road with me – so when we got back to Spain, he handed in his resignation and now we’re finally leading a location-independent lifestyle.

Our Wedding

After almost a decade of traveling the world together, we tied the knot last year – and it was exactly how we wanted it to be: simple and casual, in a beautiful setting, surrounded by our closest friends and family. Walking down the aisle to our favorite ukelele song,  we smiled at each other amidst the splashes of rice and confetti – and this moment was beautifully captured by my good friend Abigail King.

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