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Rose red sandstone mountains rise from parched grey earth dotted with lime-green spinifex grass and eucalyptus tree, while emerald water runs through the gorges lined with green palm trees. This part of Outback Queensland reminds me of the Red Center (specifically the area around Uluru) — but  without the crowds. It’s hot, dry and harsh, studded with gorgeous unearthly landscapes and criss-crossed with excellent hiking trails and waterways. Yet, it seems to be a secret even among Australians. It’s thousands of kilometers from the coastline that Queensland is so well known for, but as I found out last week, this is a part of Australia that is just as stunning as many of the country’s renown attractions.

My four-day glamping trip with Adels Grove took me in and around the Boodjamulla National Park and Riversleigh area, discovering an off-grid area of Queensland that few visit. During my stay there, I hiked in the Lawn Hill Gorge, canoed in the creek, drove off-road up to the escarpment of the Constance Range, swam in the waterfalls of the national park, and even found million-year-old fossils at Riversleigh. There was so much to do and too little time. I absolutely loved getting active in such a rugged and stunning terrain and most of all, I loved having the place to myself the whole time.

I’ll be writing more about my time in this well-kept secret of Queensland, but meanwhile here are some of my best photos from the past week, enjoy!

Sunset at Harry Hill

Enjoying a beautiful sunset at Harry Hill with wine and nibbles

Indarri Falls lookout

Hiked 3.8km to the Indarri Falls Lookout to find this view of the upper and middle gorges of Lawn Hill Gorge

Walking on the top of the gorges

Rose red sandstone, eucalyptus tree and spinifex abound in Boodjamulla National Park

Canoeing on Lawn Hill Creek

Seeing the gorge from a canoe and gaining new perspectives

Swimming hole at Indarri Falls

A swimming hole at Indarri Falls

The trail that leads to to the gorges

The craggy trail that weaves its way up to the steep rock face

Duwadarri Lookout

Hiking up to the Duwadarri Lookout

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Indarri Falls
Indarri Falls resemble an oasis in the middle of a desert

Canoeing in the Upper Gorge

Canoeing on the emerald waters surrounded by lush vegetation

The viewpoint at Upper Gorge lookout

After a grueling hike under the blazing sun, this is the view that awaits at Upper Gorge Lookout

Nellie at the Island Stack lookout

That’s me at the Island Stack Lookout

Constance Range

The Constance Range surrounds the Lawn Hill area

Constance Range from the Escarpment

Getting a 180 degree view of the area on our escarpment tour

A wallaby

Look who we found – a wallaby!

My ride from Adels Grove

The trusty trooper from Adels Grove

Disclaimer: Thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland and Adels Grove for making this trip possible! While the trip was sponsored, all opinions expresses above are our own.