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After an extremely productive month in Spain, we’re now off to Israel for quite the adventure. The main goal of the trip is to trek the Jesus Trail, a 65-km route that connects some of the most important sites from the life of Jesus. The trek winds its way through the Galilee region of Israel, starting from Nazareth and ending in Capernaum. It’ll bring us through some magnificent sights such as the Sea of Galilee, Mount Beatitudes and the Arbel Cliff. Unfortunately we’ll only be doing part of the trek due to time constraint, but we’ll definitely be making most out of it. We’re really excited to see the back country of Israel and learn a bit more about its religious history along the way.

Views along Jesus Trail

Photo by David Landis

Apart from that, we’ve also partnered up with several companies to see different parts of the country. Abraham Tours will be showing us quite a few sights: from the Holy City of Jerusalem, to sunrise in Masada, and a Shabat eve service at the Western Wall. We’ll also be hopping on a bike tour as well as an off road desert adventure – which we’re really stoked about as outdoor lovers. Here’s a special shout out to the other organizers of the trip: Tourist Israel, Fauzi Azar Inn, and Abraham Hostels – we can’t wait to explore your country with you.

Flickr image by David Berkowitz

While we’re out and about, our editor Kenza Moller will be representing us on a trip to Colombia, courtesy of Maupintour and Proexport Colombia. The first stop on the trip will be a tour of Bogotá, Colombia’s vibrant capital city of eight million. The next day, she’ll be trekking up Mount Monserrate, which is consistently rated one of the top attractions in Bogotá. The monastery at the top of the mountain is a pilgrim destination and offers spectacular views of the city sprawled below.

She’ll then be making her way over to Pereira, a lively city tucked into a valley that springs from the western Andes. Pereira, the sixth biggest city in Colombia, is surrounded by mountains and dipping valleys. During her time there, she’ll be touring the nearby coffee plantations and Cocora Valley, which is famous for its forest of Quindio wax palms, Colombia’s national tree. It’s also home to hummingbirds, parrots, and toucans – not to mention a few sloths, puma, and mountain tapir. She’ll also be passing through the small town of Salento with its collection of brightly-colored houses.

Local beauty

Finally, her tour of Colombia will end with a visit to Cartagena de Indias, which makes the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its rich tapestry of history and modern culture. It’s enclosed by salt-bleached walls that date back to the 1600s. She’ll be spending two days there, which gives her some time to explore the coast while soaking up the myriad attractions of fortresses, art, and history.

Amazonian wildlifePhotos provided by Proexport Colombia

We will be back with several updates along the way, be sure to leave us some travel tips!

Disclaimer: Our trips are made possible by several organizers in Israel and Maupintour, but all opinions expressed above are our own.

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  1. Jeremy Head October 26, 2015 4:02 am #

    Hope you see some of the sites in Palastine too… Bethlehem is a 10 minute drive from Jerusalem. If you want to understand the madness that is the Middle East I recommend it. And it’s the birthplace of Christ so kind of important if you’re doing a Jesus Trail! Drop me an email if you want… I can put you in touch with people. Cheers! Jx

    • Nellie Huang October 28, 2015 5:34 am #

      hey Jeremy, yes we ended up going to Palestine for a day. It was heartwrenching to see the Wall and hear the stories from the Palestinian end. Also went to a only beer brewery there, and it’s actually run by a Palestinian young lady!

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