As a freelance travel writer, my work has appeared in National Geographic Intelligent Blog, CNN Go, International Business Times, Food & Travel and Singapore’s leading newspaper TODAY, amongst many. I am also a contributing author to V!VA Travel Guides Guatemala Guidebook (1st Edition). My sections include Antigua, Cobán and Tikal (History, Background, Restaurants and Hotels).

    As an active blogger, I have also joined the team at WEND and Travel+Leisure Asia, as a contributing blogger.

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  1. July 2009The Straits Times (Singapore) featured my blog and included interview with me and several other travel bloggers – Read full article

  2. July 2009Asia News Network republished my interview with the Straits Times – Read online article

  3. Dec 2009Expatica Voices featured an interview with me about life in Spain – Read online article

V!VA Travel Guides: Contributing Guidebook Author

  1. Tikal Activities, Guatemala

  2. Coban Overview, Guatemala

PlanetEye Traveler: Madrid Local Expert

  1. 5 Sunday Activities in Madrid

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Suite 101: Contributing Author

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Earth.org: Singapore Ambassador

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  2. Place to Stay, Eat and Drink

Goparoo: Contributing Editor

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Cosmotourist: Contributing Author

  1. Top 5 Filipino Food

  2. Bullfighting at Plaza de Toros ñ Witnessing the Traditional Kill

National Geographic Traveler

  1.     I Heart My City: Singapore (Intelligent Blog) | Article |

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia Blog

  1. Photoblog: A Cultural Walk Through Kyoto

  2. Flying Sky High

WEND Blog  – For all of my posts on Wend, click here.

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International Business Times

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BootsnAll Travel

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Matador Network

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  1. How do I volunteer abroad? | Article |

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