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The End of an Era

After two years of running WildJunket Magazine, we are extremely sad to announce that we have decided to cease publication of the magazine. We want to thank you, our readers, for your patience and understanding. We know that this update is long overdue, but we needed a few months to think it through and weigh […]

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Out in Stores: WildJunket Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

Fall issue cover

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt. Lately, while researching for my new book, my thoughts have been revolving around dreams and how they bring meaning to life and travel. WildJunket has come a long way towards turning dreams into realities. With this in mind, we’ve […]

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Travel Sketches from the Road

Sketch Southeast Asia

They say a picture paints a thousand words – but I think a painting does an even better job of capturing the poetic beauty of a place. Since my friend and fellow writer, Candace Rose Rardon, first published her sketches, I’ve been hooked. Hooked to the lines, the colors, and the magic she’s transmitted on […]

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WildJunket Magazine Summer 2013 Issue Out Now!

The temperature is rising once again as summer quickly approaches, so to help you plan your jaunts for this summer, we’ve packed a flurry of travel stories from islands far and wide for you in this summer edition! As we announced in our last issue, WildJunket Magazine is now available for FREE on our new site: Each […]

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WildJunket Magazine Spring 2013 Issue and New Website Out Now!

We’re very excited to announce that WildJunket Magazine is now available for FREE on our new website! From this issue onward  you can access our current issue online, whether from your PC, iPad or Android device.  In this Issue This is the first issue of 2013 and it’s already one of our best issues to date. […]

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WildJunket Magazine Winter Issue Out Now!

We are back after a long break! Our last issue was a Wildlife Photography Special edition where we brought you the best of our wildlife images. Hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t downloaded it, just subscribe here to receive a free copy. In this winter issue, we’ve lined up plenty of stories from snowy […]

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What’s New in 2013 for WildJunket Magazine?

A few months ago, we carried out a survey to find out what you thought of our magazine and what we could do to improve it. since our launch, we’ve received plenty of positive comments from our readers, friends and sponsors – but we believe that the only way to improve is to get some […]

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We’re Finalists in the Digital Magazine Awards 2012!

A year ago, we came up with the digital magazine idea, with an aim to interact with our readers on a different level and to reach out to a bigger group of audience. We did some research, asked our readers, and toyed with the idea. In February 2012, it became a reality. Since then, we’ve given […]

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From Blog to Magazine: Our Story

We’ve just returned from a weekend at TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) in Girona, Spain, where we mingled with fellow travel writers and bloggers, swapped ideas and shared a laugh or two. It was great meeting people who share the same passion and ideology and also catching up with old friends from the industry. A few of the sessions were […]

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A Walk on Poland’s Wildside

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a Dispatch article about Poland by our contributor Sasha Heseltine. Look beyond Gdansk and Krakow to the highly protected national parks in northeast Poland – home to elusive wildlife, back-country adventures and Europe’s last primeval forest. By Sasha Heseltine | Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Aug/Sep2012 resh snow, […]

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Surprising Peru

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a Travel Guide article about Peru by our contributor Esme Fox. From the mystical peaks of the Andes to the verdant Amazon rainforest, Peru defies all expectations with a mix of ancient ruins, colonial cities and endless opportunities for adventure.  By Esme Fox | Originally published […]

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Vanuatu Photo Essay: Above and Beyond

Vanuatu: Above and Beyond

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a photographic essay by Lia Barret with stunning pictures from Vanuatu both under and above water. A below-the-surface look at village life in the archipelago of Vanuatu.  By Lia Barret | Originally published in WildJunket Magazine Aug/Sep2012   taring down at the ship for the first time, I feel miniscule, like […]

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Sudan: Alien Nation

Alien Nation

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is a piece from one of our contributors, travel writer Melissa Shales, on her visit to the enigmatic Sudan. As this month marks the one-year anniversary of Sudan’s division into two countries, we head into the little-known central Sudan to find a world of surprises. By […]

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Harvest Time in Polynesia

Harvest Time in Polynesia

**We’re now publishing full feature articles from WildJunket Magazine! Here is apiece from our contributing editor Candace Rardon, on her three-week black pearl farming in French Polynesia. We head to a remote corner of the South Pacific for the most exotic working holiday around – three weeks on a black pearl farm.  By Candace Rardon | Originally published […]

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Contribute Photos to WildJunket Magazine’s Snapshot Section

Oman by Iain Mallory

Do you like photography as much as we do? At WildJunket, we’re always on the lookout for great travel photography to showcase on our magazine. We pride ourselves on featuring some of the best travel photography in the digital world and we’re thankful to be working with so many talented photographers to convey our passion for […]

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